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Peshwa Bajirao 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 1st August 2017 Written Episode Update on

Baji tells that if the opportunity goes off from his hand while waiting for the right time then the lost time will not be back. Mohan Rao are in Shahu ji’s court. He asks Gangadhar to make him meet Shahu ji. Gangadhar tells that let him figure out first how much loan Balaji had taken and says you have trusted an outsider and gave him a big amount. Baji calculates the loan/things which balaji had taken. Kashi comes and asks him to drink milk. He says he is calculating. Kashi asks him to give a strict reply to Mohan Rao.

Baji says today she is getting angry on her brother. Kashi thinks she is getting love on him. She asks him to drink milk. Baji shouts and asks her to leave her childishness, and says he is in big trouble. Kashi tells Rakhma that Baji shouted on her and asks her to grow up. Rakhma tells that even Chimna used to get angry on her and whenever he is busy, she don’t disturb him. Kashi says he is not like Chimna. Rakhma asks her to understand and become his inspiration, and says when he will become Peshwa, you will become Peshwin Bai.

Mastani writes the letter to Baji as told by Chatrasal. She motivates him aand asks him not to leave the trust. Baji is seen reading her letters, and that she is waiting for the day when he becomes peshwa and wins Marathi samrajya. Baji thinks about her words asking himself to trusts himself. Kashi apologizes to Baji and says I know you were trying to help me. Kashi says even I shouldn’t have troubled you. Baji says I am walking on the path which is difficult, and says I can talk bitter sometimes, but don’t think that my intention is hurt you, and says I can never hurt you as you are my family.

Kashi gets emotional and says I will support you always. Baji holds her hands and takes her to the room. He asks her to do his tilak. She says he can’t step in the temple at this time and break the rituals. Baji says situation is different. He informs Chimna that he can’t wait any longer and will go to Satara. Chimna tells that he don’t think anything when being angry. Baji says he can’t wait. Radha angrily tells him that Pant is waiting for him to break the rituals, and says he is doing wrong not to follow his mum sayings. She asks Kashi to stop him. Kashi asks Baji not to go and agree to Radha’s saying. Baji says today a stranger taught him to believe on himself and tells that he will not wait and goes.


Peshwa Bajirao 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Someone tells Shahu ji that Baji promised to return their money once he becomes Peshwa. Shahu ji says how he can decide why I will make him Peshwa. Just then Baji comes there and greets Shahu ji.

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