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Peshwa Bajirao 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Radha brings Baji to farm land and asks him to grow chilli plants to become a good human, a great warrior etc….She asks him to start the work. Baji says it is heavy. Bhiu comes and asks where is Baji. Chimna says Aayi took Bhau out from paath shaala. Bhiu gets happy and says now he will play with me. Zeenat is shown. Soldier tells that Aurangzeb wants to meet her. Zeenat says she will meet her son Shahu ji first and asks him to wait. Bhiu comes to Baji. Baji says he is planting chilli seeds so that Aayi teaches him. Zeenat comes to Shahuji. His mum greets her. Shahuji greets her and says you have come. He understands that she has been called by Aurangzeb here as he didn’t agree for marriage. Zeenat agrees and gives him dates. Shahuji says it is sweet, but I can’t agree for marriage.

Gotiya sees Baji working hard in the field and says whatever God does is right, his mum is nice. He goes to paathshaala. Radha sees Baji working in the fielding and getting water from the well. Balu is sad and says he can’t start his day before teasing Baji. Bhiu comes to Radha and asks why you are making bhau do farming. She says he has not taken birth to do this and asks why she is punishing him. Radha says this atyachaar/punishment will go on. Zeenat tells Shahu ji that he is married to his nation, swaraj and with Marathi people. Shahu ji tells that you are Aurangzeb’s daughter and asks why she loves him very much. Zeenat says he has won many empires, but forgot humanity. She asks him to agree for marriage for marathi’s betterment. She reminds him about politics and its tactics. Baji Rao song plays….Radha wakes him up and makes him get back to work. Bhiu promises Radha that she will not touch Malhari’s tail.

Gotiya, Parshiya and others sing song and asks chilli to grow. Balu comes and asks Baji if he will bring Swaraj by planting chilli. Chimna and Gotiya make him run. Bhiu shouts and tells everyone that Gotiya’s singing worked and a plant is growing. They get happy. Baji hopes it will give flower soon. Baji prays Mahadev to blossom the flower as he has short time. While they go to chill out for sometime. Balu and his friends bring goats to make them eat the chilli plants. Baji and others rush and see the plants already eaten by goats. Bhiu says everything is ruined.

Shiva Raze tells Tara Bai that he has learnt 5 things from Vidhur Neeti. Pant Pratinidhi praises him. Tara Rani Bai asks Balaji’s opinion. Balaji tells that he has just read it and have no practical knowledge. Tara Rani Bai says I agree with you and asks him to take Shiva Raze’s test.

Balaji asks what is more black than Kajal. Shiva Raze says there is nothing black than kajal. Balaji says black is the kalang which will be on your forehead all your life if you prove to be worthless. Tara Rani Bai tells that Shiva Raze is not prepared and asks him to prepare him not as his servant, but as his Guru. He tells about a special chilli which will make him intelligent. Tara Rai Bai asks him to make him drink kada daily. Baji tells Radha that goats have eaten the plants and asks her to teach him. Radha refuses and asks him to bring flower first. Baji says I want to learn everything fast as you know I have no time. Radha asks Baji to have uncooked roti. Baji says it is not cooked, how to eat it. Radha says I have kneed the flour and make roti, my hardwork will go waste. Baji looks on.

Peshwa Bajirao 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Baji works hard again to plant the seed, but again the field is ruined again.

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