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Peshwa Bajirao 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Baji telling Balaji that he will come with him. Radha says you can’t go out after haldi is applied to you. Baji refuses to get haldi applied on his face. Gotiya says it is necessary. Malhar asks him to apply it. Gotiya says he is married and don’t give time to vahini. Baji tells that he has agreed to marry and can’t divert from his motive. He tells when Balaji will go, he will also go with him to the war place, and asks Radha not to stop him. Mahant ji is with Kashi. Kumud sends him and asks Kashi to make her mum worry go. Shivbai gives her example and tells it is Baji’s destiny to have alpayu, but we have to save him. She asks her to stop Baji from going to war and stop him from lifting sword. Kashi says Baji is a soldier, how can I stop him. Shivbai says if Baji becomes like your baba then it will be good. Kumud says Baji will be near Peshwin Bai, and you both will be happy. Kashi asks what I have to do?

Baji is angry. Radha comes there and tells that she will get sleep when she gets sure that Kashi will take care of him. Baji says that stubborn girl can’t take care of anyone like you. Radha asks what do you think that I am like this since beginning. She says even I was a child and tells that even she used to do lots of mischief. She tells when she got married to Balaji, they used to fight a lot. She tells about their childhood incident. Baji asks when did you fall in love? Radha says as soon as they stepped in youth, they got respect for each other and love followed. Baji asks if Kashi and I don’t love each other then.

Some goons come to Shahu ji’s palace. Shahu ji is writing letter to his Aayi sahib. The goons kills the guards outside shahu ji’s room. The goons fire arrow on Shahu ji. Some veiled man comes and saves Shahu ji and fights with the goons. Shahu ji asks who are you? Man removes his veil and shows his face. Shahu ji is shocked to see Dhana ji.

Dhana ji tells Shahu ji that he acted to be dead so that he can save him. Shahu ji says then Chandrasen had killed whom? Dhana ji says Chandrasen can’t kill me and says they have made this plan of his death. Chandrasen tells that Qamer uddin called him to meet him. Dhana ji tells that Chandrasen has kept ring in his lookalike’s hand so that Baji gets doubtful. He tells that he trust only Baji and Balaji and they will find out the betrayal among them.

Radha reads the letter written by Kashi on Shivbai’s saying. Kashi writes that she is ready to marry him if he don’t go to war place, and work for Swaraj like her father, else refuse for marriage. Chimna asks what happened? Radha gets worried and says one side is my son and other side is my daughter whom I have given promise. She thinks what to as one side is Baji’s dream and other side is his responsibility towards Kashi.


Peshwa Bajirao 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji comes to marry Kashi. Kumud tells Kashi that it means Baji agreed to her condition and asks her to keep Baji in her control after marriage.

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