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Peshwa Bajirao 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 20th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In today’s episode of Peshwa Bajirao you will watch Kam Baksh checks the puja thaali again and reads Shahu ji’s message on the rice grain. He says Tara Rani will get half message that Qamer Uddin is shaking hands with Marathis, but she will not know that we are planning to kill her. He thinks Qamer Uddin’s plan will fail, and I will succeed in killing Tara Rani Bai. He asks soldiers to bring someone who knows how to write on rice grains. Dacoits bring Baji and his friends to their place. Baji asks them to leave his friends.Stay tune with us for more written updates.

The Episode starts with Radha Bai gaining consciousness and calls Baji’s name. Radha gets up. Malhari takes her on it and goes. Meanwhile goons keep Baji and his friend captive. Tara Rani Bai tells Balaji that he should be proud of his son Baji and tells that atleast one Baji should be in every village. Shiva Raze comes and asks why did you wake me up at this time. Tara Rani informs about the attack on Saswad. Shiva Raze says I know and acts ignorant. Dhana ji tells that 6 villages was attacked too. He tells that Balaji brought news that Mughals will attacked on Gudi Padwa day.

Shiva Raze says then we shall not celebrate the festival. Balaji says we shall not get afraid of the fear of the attack. Tara Rani bai tells that she will hear his words. Balaji tells that Baji gives him new learning and tells how he made villagers fear gone. Tara Rani gets impressed and tells that they will celebrate Gudi Padwa more happily and will make Mughals know that blood falling on ground is their singhaar. She asks Shiva Raze about his opinion. Shiva Raze says he will do as she thinks is right. Tara Rani tells that they will celebrate Gudi Padwa and then attack on Mughals.

A woman rescues Radha and tells her about Dandak and tells that he breaks the bone of the captive persons with hammer, until that person dies with utmost pain. He asks Baji and his friends to do the work. Baji says we will not do any work. Dandak asks his man how to punish him. He says if you brings wood then I will free you. Baji refuses to cut the wood and tells that his mum tell that even trees have life. He gets irked and tells that his Aayi lied and asks Baji to go and bring the woods, and tells that he sell wood to Mughals. Baji refuses to bring the wood and says I will never bring wood for Mughals Dandak asks him to leave his ego. Baji tells his favorite liner, jisme hath hi nahi woh Marathi nahi. He asks who are with him and hits Gotiya’s foot. Gotiya shouts in pain.

Radha tells woman to let her go. Radha says she has to go and tells that she is not only Baji’s mum, but also his friends’s mum. Woman asks where you will find Dandak. Radha says she will find the goons. Baji asks Dandak why did you hit my friend when you was getting angry on me. Dandak says your ego is concrete, but your heart is weak. I have hit on your weakest point and asks him to go and bring woods else….. Baji agrees to cut and bring the wood. Dandak tells that he is impressed.

Woman tells Radha that she couldn’t step on the horse properly and says you might fall. Radha says malhari is like her son and he will protect her.

Aurangzeb tells Kam Baksh that he is leaving him and asks why did you attack 5 more places other than Saswad and asks what about their plan. Qamer Uddin tells that Parveen will do blast which will kill tara rani saheb. He tells that he will attack Balaji first. Aurangzeb asks Kam Baksh what is his plan? Kam Baksh says nothing and thinks he has already sent message to Tara Rani bai that Qamer Uddin will be meeting Marathi sardaar. Aurangzeb boasts about their planning.

Dandak’s men ask Baji and his friends to keep the wood and tells that Mughals might be waiting. Parshu is about to fall. Goon threatens him. Gotiya falls. Baji says my friend can’t lift wood. Goon says he will kill him. Baji stops him and says before touching his friend, he have to kill him. Dandak comes there and says you are eyeing us. He says if you want to help him, then you will lift the wood on his behalf. Gotiya says I will lift wood. Baji says you all are my responsibility, if anything happens to you then I will not be able to answer your or my Aayi. Baji is having a difficult time lifting the wood and falls down. Gotiya cries and goes after him. Dandak asks him to accept his defeat. Baji tells him that his father haven’t taught him to accept defeat and lifts heavy wood, says har har mahadev. Parshu asks Baji to think something to get out from here. Baji says I am thinking.

Peshwa Bajirao 21th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dandak tells Baji that he will snatch their hope and asks his men to take Baji with them.

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