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Peshwa Bajirao 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shivbai telling Kashi that everyone told her that it is painful to give birth to a baby, but nobody said that it will be more painful when a daughter is sent to other’s house after marriage. She says she loves her much and can’t stop her tears. Kashi says aayi and says Baji will agree or not. Shivbai says Baraat will come if Baji agrees to our conditions. Radha applies haldi to Baji. She thinks about Shivbai’s condition. Baji asks why you are looking pale and asks how you will handle Kashi alone. Gotiya and others laugh. Radha says we will make you alright together. Bhiu also applies haldi to him. Radha thinks she has seen Baji taking bath in blood in war place and says she saw him with turmeric on his body. She thinks what to do and thinks to take decision by herself.

She burns the letter sent by Shivbai. Chimna throws the letter as Radha’s hand gets burn. Radha tells him that Kashi wrote this letter, but words are of Shivbai and Kumud. She says she will understand me when she will come here. She asks for his help.

Mahant ji blesses Kashi and asks her to take God’s blessings. Kashi prays to God to give some mind to Baji and makes him like her Baba. Baji comes to Mahant ji’s house with baraat. Gotiya says your life will change. Baji says my life will not change. Malhar says everyone will say this. Bhiu asks him to reconsider his decision. Baji looks on. Kumud informs Kashi that Baji came with baraat and this means he has agreed to your condition.

Baji and Kashi do the rituals. Pandit ji asks Baji to make Kashi wear mangalsutra. He makes her wear mangalsutra. Baji and Kashi take rounds. Pandit ji says you both are tied in the relation of marriage for forever. Kashi looks at Baji. Later during her Bidaai, Kashi cries hugging Shivbai. Shiv bai recalls Radha telling that her son is having short life span.

Radha promises Shivbai to love Kashi more than her own daughter and says she will choose Kashi than Baji. Kashi hugs Shivbai and cries. She then hugs Mahant ji and cries.

Radha, Balaji and others bring Kashi home. Bhiu is upset with her and does aarti angrily and throws flowers on her. Radha and Balaji say Bhiu. Kashi gets angry, but Sevika stops her. Radha asks Kashi to kick the kalash and enter home. Kashi is about to fall, but Baji holds her. Kashi enters inside. Bhiu thinks Kashi is not suitable for her great brother.


Peshwa Bajirao 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Radha tells that she has made all arrangements and asks where is the comb. Bhiu laughs. Chimna asks her to help him and search the comb. Bhiu stops him.