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Peshwa Bajirao 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Radha searching the comb to do the ritual. She says she kept it herself. Chimna says he will go and search. Kashi suspects Baji have hidden it. Bhiu hides the comb and thinks Kashi will be in ghunghat all life and when she turns 60, then I will give and laughs. Chimna comes and asks why she is laughing showing milk teeth and asks if you have hidden it. Bhiu says no. Chimna asks what you are hiding and gets from her hand. He comes to Radha and gives comb, saying he got it from the floor.

Gotiya ask Baji to stay until rasam is done. Radha makes them see their face in the water. Kashi touches Radha’s feet after the rasam. Kashi and Baji give tashan to each other. Namrata asks Kashi to introduce herself as Baji’s wife. Kashi says when everyone knows about me then why I shall give my introduction. Radha says it is a rasam. Sevika tells Kashi that if she takes Baji’s name then they will think that she has a bad values. Mahant ji tells Shivbai that house is looking empty without Kashi. Shivbai is emotional and tells about girls’ journey from a daughter to a wife. Mahant ji asks her to handle herself. Shivbai asks God to help her.

Kashi tells poetry and takes Bajis name. Gotiya and others appreciate her. Bhiu asks Baji to say something. Baji also tells some lines and says bitter Kashi. Bhiu says bitter kasha. Radha asks Chimna to show house to Kashi. Baji is irritated as Kashi took his name with her Payal. He hears someone crying and thinks Kashi is crying. He opens the box and sees Bhiu crying. Bhiu says she don’t like Kashi and asks him to send her back. Chimna takes Kashi to his room. Kashi says who reads these many books. Chimna asks her to keep the book as a gift from a brother.

Baji asks Bhiu why she hates Kashi. Bhiu says she hates Kashi as she is Aayi chor. Aayi loves her more than me and have promised. She says she will trouble Kashi more and will not let her become aayi chor to bhai chor. Kashi comes there and hears her. Baji says she didn’t mean that. Kashi says I know what she wants. Bhiu and Kashi argue. They hold each other hairs and fight with each other. Chimna and Baji ask them to leave each other. Kashi asks her to leave her hairs. Chimna takes Kashi’s side. Bhiu says Kashi has become bhao chor too. Radha comes there and scolds them for presenting bad impression to the people being peshwa family. Baji apologizes to her. Radha asks them to go. She thinks about her promise given to Shivbai and pacifies Kashi with a hug. Bhiu is jealous. Balaji takes Bhiu in his lap and wipes her tears. Radha hugs Kashi.


Peshwa Bajirao 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji tells Chimna that he is going to Kolapur. Chimna says you are newly married and shall not go. Baji says even death can stop him from walking on swaraj’s path.

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