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Peshwa Bajirao 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 22nd March 2017 video watch online on HD on

The Episode starts with Qamer Uddin meeting Marathi sardaars and asks them to support him. Shankar asks how to believe you? Qamer Uddin says when you asked a question to Tara Rani bai then you was kicked out of palace. He asks them for their support. Tara Rani Bai, Balaji, Dhana ji and others come there with swords. Qamer Uddin is shocked. Baji is locked in the kaal kotri. Dandak tells Shilachur that he is still hopeful and asks him to die here. Baji says I am not alone and tells that his baba said that he has his mum’s blessings. Dandak laughs.

Dandak’s man Bhairav catches Radha and says now I know why your son is egoistic. He twists Radha’s hand. Radha runs from there. Gotiya and his friends ask Dandak to free Baji. Dandak tells them that Baji might be dead by now and that rats would have bitten him to death. Baji sees poisonous rats coming towards them. He shouts and tries to free his hands. He asks if someone is here and asks for help. He gets a box and makes sound to divert rats. Bhairav holds Radha’s neck. Radha hits on his face and then throws stone on him. He falls unconscious. Radha thinks Malhari can take her to Baji.

Qamer Uddin asks Tara Rani Bai if he came with wood sword. Tara Rani Bai says jai bhavani and attacks him. Qamer Uddin runs and picks the fire wood. He tells that he didn’t come alone and have brought dead for them. Tara Rani Bai says if you try to kill us, then you will also be dead. Qamer Uddin says he is not afraid of death and will kill all marathis today. He lights the Artillery. Balaji runs and fights with Qamer Uddin. He turns the Artillery towards other end and saves everyone. Qamer Uddin escapes. Tara Rani asks Dhana ji and Balaji to catch Qamer Uddin. Dandak comes to Baji and says you are still alive. Baji tells that his Swabhimaan will not break even if he dies. Gotiya cries. They see Baji coming to them and hugs him. Baji says everything will be fine. Gotiya tells him that Parshu is missing since he went. Ishu says don’t know what Dandak have done to him. Tara Rani tells Marathi sardaar why did he try to shake hands with mughals. Marathi sardaar tells that she has backstabbed them and snatched Shahu ji’s rights from him and give to her son. Tara Rani tells that she never took care of her son and was busy fighting for her people and empire, and tells that she didn’t even feed him milk and was busy attacking enemies. She asks Shiva raze to lift his sword and kill the betrayal. Shiva Raze panics and gets tensed. Dhana ji and Balaji catch Qamer Uddin. He falls down on the ground. Baji comes to Dandak and asks where is my friend Parshu. He says I know you have hidden him to break my ego. Dandak says I want to see what you can do for him. Baji says I can do anything. Dandak asks him to go.

Tara Rani Bai asks Raze to take out his sword. Marathi sardaar is about to attack Shiva Raze. Tara Rani stops him and says she will kill everyone. Dhana ji tells Qamer Uddin that Balaji alone can fight with him. Balaji asks him to take the sword as marathis don’t attack weapon less person. Qamer Uddin and Balaji fight with sword. Balaji catches Qamer Uddin and points sword towards him. Naser comes with his goons, and asks Balaji to throw his weapon else he will die. Balaji says you are a kid and asks him to go home.

Dandak says you want to know about Parshu, so you have to bring something from the Krishna River which I want. Radha hears Dandak’s men talking about Dandak asking Baji to get diamonds from the river. Dandak tells Baji that diamonds are in these river and tells that river thorns are so sharp that it kills people instantly. He says some thieves went in the river to get water, but Krishna River punished them. He says some people had returned, but they had blood on their hands.

Peshwa Bajirao 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Tara Rani Bai fights with Marathi sardaar. Dandak asks him to choose between his friend and ego. Baji runs and jumps in the river.

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