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Peshwa Bajirao 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

The Episode starts with Radha telling Naser that she will punish him today. Naser asks if she has gone mad to think of fighting with him in pregnancy. Radha says although she is pregnant, but can fight with him. She says if anything happens to her then God will punish him. She beats and slaps Naser. Naser hits her. She shouts in pain. Chimna and Bhiu come out hearing her cries. Balaji catches the man attacking him and asks who are you? Man calls him a betrayal and tells that Baji is already dead in war with Kam Baksh, and tells that Radha and their kids must be killed by now. Balaji says this can’t be possible and tells that his wife and children are safe in Tara Rani’s Palace. Man says Shiva Raze freed them and they are near their death on the way to Saswad. Balaji is shocked and kills the man.

He comes near the bullock cart and sees the cart burnt. He cries and thinks his family must be alive. Baji shouts har har mahadev seeing radha and her siblings. Naser gets shocked. Baji fights with Naser’s men and then come to Naser. He dislocates his leg saying he hit his mum with his leg. Naser shouts ammi in pain. Baji says why mum’s name comes out of mouth when in pain, that’s because Maa is a God for a child. He says he will kill him for this. Radha shouts Baji and asks him to take her home and faints. Naser climbs on his horse and manages to escape.

Baji searches for help in the jungle for his mum. He sees a man making cart and asks for help. Baji, Chimna and Bhiu push the cart. Balaji cries in his house. Baji says Baba and comes inside the house pulling cart inside. Balaji gets happy and cries emotionally hugging Baji. Radha hears him and gives her hand. Balaji holds her hand.

Shiva Raze tells that Balaji, Baji and their family is saved, and asks how can they understand my plan. Tara Rani praises Radha Bai’s intelligence to have understood her plan. Shiva Raze says you are praising them. Tara Rani tells that she is warning him that he might lose kingdom.
Baji pushes Chimna and makes him fall in their water tub. He asks him to come out. Bhiu and Baji laughs. They throw water on each other. Balaji comes out hearing the sound of utensil and thinks where are kids. Kids hide and throw water on him. He asks what is this masti? Radha comes and scolds her kids and asks them to complete the work fully, throws water on Balaji. Laughs. Balaji takes water on the bucket. Radha says Vaid ji told not to trouble me. Balaji says he didn’t stop you from having bath. He pours water on her head. They laugh. Gotiya comes there. Baji meets Ishu and asks about Parshu. Ishu says they migrated to other place. Baji says I couldn’t meet him for last time also, and says he forgave him. Gotiya is upset with him for not writing letter to him. Baji says I was busy. Gotiya says you have all the responsibility of a world now. Baji says Gotiya, you have become lean in my remembrance. Gotiya gets happy.


Peshwa Bajirao 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Radha tells Balaji that Tara Rani have become his enemy since he betrayed her. Shiva Raze tells that Baji have to die and conspires against him.

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