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Peshwa Bajirao 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 23rd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with baji telling Chimna that he is very upset with him as he supported Kashi and not Bhiu. Chimna says he has supported Vahini so that she don’t feel bad. Baji says you said right and tells that he is going to Kolapur with Baba and asks him to make everything fine between them. Chimna thinks about Radha’s words and asks Baji not to go as he is newly married. Baji says I will go and this is my Aayi’s decision too. Sevika asks Kashi to sleep. Kashi says she didn’t get sleep until her mum cares for her.. Radha comes and pampers her. Kashi smiles. Baji says where is Aayi? Kashi says her haldi will get down first. Baji says my haldi will be taken out first and says I don’t want to argue. Kashi argues. Baji says I have to go and work. Kashi says you are saying as if sanskar will stop if you don’t go. Baji tells that he has to go to Satara as Shahu ji is planning some ran neeti.

Kashi asks what and says you have promised me that you will not take part in war. Baji checks if she is fine and says you might have dreamt. Kashi says you have promised me and says you are a liar. Bhiu thinks Radha will scold her now. Radha tells Chimna that they have to stop Baji. Chimna asks her to stop him. Bhiu hears them and thinks she won’t her brother get caged because of Kashi.

Kashi says you agreed to my condition which I had written in the letter. Baji says I didn’t get any letter. Bhiu comes and asks Baji to leave immediately as she heard Chimna and Radha conspiring to stop him, and says may be Aayi will ask you Guru dakshina again. Baji tries to go. Kashi holds his hand and says rasams haven’t been finished and tries to stop him. Baji’s haldi thread comes in his hand and he runs. Radha comes and is tensed. Kashi gets worried and thinks if anything happens to Baji. Radha comes and asks her to remove haldi thread. Kashi asks why all the rituals are meant for the woman also, and says baji have broken the rituals and left, and nobody stopped him. Radha tells Kashi that Baji had stayed to complete the rituals, but got angry and left. She says we will punish him when he comes here. Kashi hopes he returns soon else what she will reply to her mum.

Shahu ji tells Baji and Balaji that Dhana ji and Chandrasen don’t want to come infront as they want to catch the culprit. Balaji gets happy to know that Dhana ji is alive. Baji asks if he is doubting on someone. Shahu ji says he gave responsibility to Bappa ji to find out from that attacker. Bappa ji beats the man and asks him to tell who sent him. Man says I will open my mouth infront of Shahu ji. Bappa ji threatens to kill him if he tells truth and tells Sadanand that nobody can stop him from taking revenge from Shahu ji.

Bhiu and kashi fight coldly while decorating their dolls. Gotiya comes and says his sasural have sent jalebis. Bhiu and kashi asks him to give. Gotiya thinks whom to give and eats all jalebis. Kashi and Bhiu are shocked. Chimna tells Radha that Gotiya handle the situation and tells that they have to stop their fight soon. Bappa ji tells Shahu ji that attacker is not opening his mouth. Baji says the attacker’s owner is inside the palace. Bappa ji says you gave you right to say this and says may be Balaji planned this attack. Baji asks how dare you to accuse baba. Shahu ji asks them to calm down and says I have taken a decision that soldiers have to be ready for the war and gives responsibility to Balaji and Bappa ji. Baji asks Balaji, can I stay in Satara. Balaji nods. Baji looks at Bappa ji.


Peshwa Bajirao 26th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Radha tells Bhiu and Kashi that she can style their hairs together. They wonder how. Radha ties their hairs together. Chimna laughs.

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