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Peshwa Bajirao 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Dandak telling Baji about the Krishna river and says whoever tries to get diamonds from the river, that person either dies or get injured heavily. He tells that if he manages to get the diamond then Aurangzeb will give him price whatever he ask. Baji says he will not give even his sand to Mughals and leave alone diamonds. Dandak says you have to get it for your friend. Radha asks Malhari to go to that old woman’s house and tells that Baji’s life is in danger. Tara Rani tells that she has bijli in her hand and fights with all Marathi sardaar. She kills all of them. Shiva Raze is shaken up to see the killing as blood falls on his face. Tara Rani tells that enemies blood is Raja’s shringaar and tells that if he hesitates to kill the enemies then he have to die. Shiva Raze is shocked.

Dandak asks Baji to decide. Baji says I will bring diamonds for you as friendship is more important to me. He tells that when I bring Swaraj then I will get diamonds and this sand from Mughals. Dandak says you are very egoistic like a man and says if you fail to bring diamonds the your friend Parshu will die too. Baji runs and falls in the river.

Naser tells yalgaar. His soldiers attacks Dhana ji and Balaji. Naser is sitting on his horse and throws bomb. He takes his father on the horse and leaves. Balaji and Dhana ji looks on. Baji sees the diamond in the bottom of river. He tries to get it, but couldn’t. He comes out of water to take a breath. Dandak says you have failed. Baji says I can die, but not fail. Gotiya and Ishu ask him to come out of river and tell that we didn’t know what this Dandak have done with Parshu. Baji recalls Radha’s teaching asking him to focus on his mission, and tells that if he fails then it will be his mum’s failure.

Tara Rani and Shiva Raze come to the palace. Balaji and Dhana ji also come. Tara Rani tells that she is happy to see how Shiva Raze fought with the Marathi sardaar. She tells that Shiva Raze’s education is completed now and asks Balaji to concentrate on Gudi Padwa arrangements. Shiva Raze is shocked to hear her lie.

Dandak says if he is dead. Gotiya says Baji can’t die. Baji picks the diamond and tries to go up. Dandak says why didn’t he come? Gotiya says I will check. Baji comes out and shows the diamond. Dandak gets happy and says I knew that he will bring diamond when I saw him. Baji asks him to show Parshu. Dandak says I let him go yesterday. Baji says you are lying. Dandak says your friend betrayed you and tells that Parshu told me about your plan to elope from here. Baji is shocked. A fb is shown, Parshu feels hatred towards Baji and recalls Baji telling him that Gotiya is his dear friend. He tells Dandak’s man that he has a message for him. He tells about Baji’s planning. Dandak talks to Shilachur and tells that he has no place for cowards, and asks him to go. Parshu runs away from there. Fb ends. Dandak tells that your friend is fled.

Parveen comes to Qamer Uddin and asks about his injury. Qamer Uddin tells her that it is a gift of Marathi and given by Balaji. He tells that Kam Baksh have done this and says I am sure. Parveen says may be Shahu ji. Qamer Uddin says no, and says he is doubtful on Kam Baksh and will target his failure and Balaji’s death. He shows the thorns and tells that it is poisonous, and Balaji will die.

Baji tells Dandak that Baji is his dear friend and can’t betray him. Dandak says he was saying that your best friend is Gotiya. He says this is what you said when Parshu asked you to leave fat Gotiya here and run away. Gotiya says Parshu has betrayed Baji because of this. He says when you come out of kal kotri, you asked about Parshu. He says I thought that you are a fool to risk your life for your friend and that’s why I didn’t tell you about him. He asks him to give diamond. Baji looks angrily.

Baji, Gotiya and Ishu are caught by Dandak. Dandak attacks Baji with Shilachur. Radha comes to her son’s rescue and stands covering Baji. Parveen comes to attack Balaji. Balaji sees the poisonous thorns.



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