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Peshwa Bajirao 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Peshwa Bajirao 23rd May 2017 on

The Episode starts with Gotiya teasing a girl Namrata and teaching her how to get tamarind from tree. Namrata says I don’t want to learn from you and says your love is fake. Gotiya says if my love is fake then all leaves will fall down from the tree. The leaves fall down on the ground. Gotiya is shocked. Baji is seen on the tree. Namrata leaves.

Balaji is making arrangements at their house to welcome the new baby. He asks why she is not asking where is he going? Radha tells that previously he used to work for Tara Rani Bai and now he is declared as betrayal. She says if our house is broken by elephants. Balaji says we will make a new nest. He motivates Radha and gives her strength. Gotiya tells Baji that he was alone and fell in love. Baji asks do you know what is love. Gotiya tells whatever he knows about love. Baji talks against love. Gotiya says if love and marriage is a bad thing then why did Chatrapati Shivaji marry. He asks him not to talk about leaving Namrata and says I can’t live without her. Baji says if you wants, I will help you. Gotiya hugs him.

Baji and Bhiu come to Sakharam kaka. Sakharam kaka asks him what he needs? Bhiu says my milk teeth will break. Baji says you have to give your precious thing to Gotiya, but you will feel pain giving it. Baji counts on Gotiya’s bad qualities and says he is lazy, but says Gotiya will take care of your precious thing all life. Sakharam asks what is it? Namrata comes and says she wants to marry Gotiya. Gotiya says I want to marry her. Sakharm is shocked. Bhiu, Chimna and others tell that they want to have sweets in their marriage. Shiva Raze asks Pant Pratinidhi to get Baji and his family killed. Pant Pratinidhi says if we get them killed then everyone will doubt on us, so it is better to make their life worst than death. You are a king and you have to think wisely, make their lives scary.

Baji trains Chimna how to use sword and asks him to focus on enemy rather than on sword. He asks him to rest for sometime. Chimna recalls Naser attacking Radha and tells that he can’t rest, and have to learn to protect his family in his absence. Baji says you said right and asks him to attack him. Chimna attacks Baji without using Shashtra. Balaji comes and tells Radha that Sakharam Halwai came to me. He asks Gotiya to come and says Sakharam Halwai agreed. Everyone laughs happily. Balaji makes him have sweets. Everyone congratulates Gotiya. Later Balaji tells that they will fix Gotiya’s marriage once they return. He says he has to go to collect wealth for Shahu ji. Bhiu asks him not to go and says our village is the best. Baji says you said that our village is good and says Shahu ji is the one king who wants to bring in peace and asks her to let him go to help Shahu ji. Bhiu agrees.

Radha and Balaji are sitting in their room. Baji comes inside there and rests on her lap. He says he is confused. Radha says you want to decide whom to choose, from maa and matrabhoomi. Baji says I don’t know how I will help Baba, but I want to try it once. Radha says if you think this way, then I will not stop you, go with your baba. She says you have to do so much in life. Balaji and Baji leaves. Pant Pratinidhi sees them and thinks you have done a big mistake.


Peshwa Bajirao 24th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Balaji and Baji come to Kashi’s father palace and asks for the wealth to help Shahu ji. He refuses and says his wealth is for development and not for damages. Baji runs towards Kashi and holds her on knife point. Guards surround him.

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