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Peshwa Bajirao 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 25th May 2017 Written Episode Update, Written Update of Peshwa Bajirao 25th May 2017 on

The Episode starts with Baji telling that if the country is in weak ruler’s hand then no family will be saved, neither yours nor mine. Mahant ji asks Kashi to go to her mum. He says you have told me truth unknowingly and tells Balaji that he is ready to support him and Shahu ji. His wife tries to stop him. He says his decision is final. Balaji and Baji thank him. Radha thinks why did Chimna haven’t returned till now. Bhiu says she will check. Just then they see Gotiya and Ishu bringing Chimna. Radha is shocked and asks what happened seeing his face blackened. Chimna cries. Radha asks Gotiya and Ishu to say. She wipes Chimna’s face. Radha asks what happened? She washes his face with water. Announcement is made in the neighborhood that the villagers shall not support Balaji and his family, and tells that Balaji betrayed Tara Rani and Shiva Raze and declared them as desh drohi. Radha is shocked.

Balaji and Baji are going to meet Shahu ji when a dacoit hurts himself and falls near them. Balaji gets down to help him. He keeps knife on his neck. Baji asks him to leave his baba. He asks him to see his men holding their men. Balaji asks what do he wants. He says he wants the treasure which he is taking. Balaji says you can take suitcases, but there is no wealth but old clothes for poor. He says treasure is reached to the place. He says you have two way. You can let us go or wait for our other soldiers to come and kill you. The dacoit get shocked and asks his men to run. Baji asks Balaji where is the other sena tukdi. Balaji says he understood seeing him. Baji asks where is the wealth. Someone says that it will reach Shahu ji soon.

Kashi’s mum asks her husband why he didn’t think about effect of his decisions and says Kashi can understand, but Krishna is a small kid. She asks how will Kashi get married now. Mahant ji asks her not to worry. She says when Tara Rani bai comes to know about it, what she will do. She will declare us as desh drohi. Mahant tells that if he can, he is ready to give his life for his country. Kashi is angry and thinks his parents are fighting because of Baji. Servant comes and asks her to have food. Kashi refuses. Servant tells that she will have a fight with her husband once she gets married. Kashi says she don’t want to marry. Shahu ji tells that a mum makes her son’s veer and tells that when he don’t learn Shashtra in Aurangzeb’s captivity, his mum taught him the strength of pen. He says my mum thinks if a hand is capable to hold the pen then it can hold the sword when time comes. He tells that the wealth which he got from mahant, will be used for Soldiers’ development etc. He talks about his aim. Baji comes and completes his sentences about determination. Shahu ji looks on.

Gotiya tells Radha that Baji and Balaji have defeated Mughals in Daulatabad and have done so much and they are declared as Desh drohi. He asks Radha not to be silent and get up. Chimna says I don’t want Aayi and Bhiu to face even one percent of insult. Gotiya says I will go and tell villagers. Radha stops him and says we can fight with outsiders, but not with our people. She makes Gotiya calm down. Chimna says he will go and wipe desh drohi word outside the house. Radha says whoever have written will wipe it off and tells that his father is fighting for the truth.

Balaji introduces Baji to Shahu ji. Baji tells Shahu ji that the mum is easy and difficult word too. He tells your mum is in Mughals’ custody and few days back Mughals tried to kill my mum. He says whatever they are today is because of their mums.

He tells that in Bharat, woman is respected and prayed. He says if we don’t respect women then it is a sin. He tells that they have to follow Chatrapati Shivaji and become their country independent where woman can walk free. He bends infront of him. Shahu ji asks him to get up and calls him Baji Rao. He says he is just Baji. Shahu ji says you have become Rao when you burnt mughals barood in daulatabad. He thanks Balaji for bringing Mahant ji in their side. Balaji tells that Baji is responsible for this. Shahu ji cuts his finger and does his tilak.

Peshwa Bajirao 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji tells Balaji that Shastra was missing when thye returned. Balaji tells that someone is trying to stop Shahu for sitting on the singhasan.

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