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Peshwa Bajirao 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 26th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shahu ji doing tilak of Baji with his blood and says from today you are senani/soldier of Swaraj. Baji shouts Chatrapati Shivaji maharajki jai, shahu ji maharaj ki jai. Everyone say it loudly. Chandrasen come there and greet him. Chimna sees the dish burning and scolds Bhiu for leaving the dish unattended. Radha gets up from her bed and falls down unconscious. They hear her voice and run to her. Radha opens her eyes and sees Baji in Chimna. Chimna says I am Chimna. Radha asks him to make everything fine. Bhiu and Chimna cry. Bhiu asks him not to cry. She says you are feeling bad as Aayi is missing Bhao. Chimna says I am not competent like him and tells that he will go to Vaid kaka and come.

Chandrasen tells Shahu ji that he took time to understand why Dhana ji supported him. He tells that when he fought with Kam Baksh and ran away as he wanted to fight with his own terms. When he sent messages to Raze for help, he didn’t reply to him. He then decided not to support Raze.. Shahu ji says you said touching words, but I can’t trust you. He says you have left your sena in the war place, and says you are not veer. I heard so much about Baji and Balaji from Dhana ji, but nothing about you. Chandrasen asks him to give him a chance to prove his loyalty. Shahu ji gives him a chance. Chandrasen tells Baji that his friends are waiting for him. Baji meets Malhar. Shahu ji asks Balaji and Baji to buy weapons before going to Satara. Baji gives an angry look to Chandrasen.

Chimna comes out covering himself with a blanket. He sees Guru ji and hides. He diverts the men attention sitting there and comes to Vaid’s house. He asks him to come as his Aayi is pregnant. Vaid refuses to help him. Chimna asks what is the unborn baby mistake. Vaid says it is your father’s mistake. Chimna looks on tensed. Baji and Balaji come to buy weapon. They see the place empty. Baji shows him roli and lamp. Balaji says where did the shashtra and the buyer went? Baji says when we were bringing wealth, we were attacked, and now when we came to buy shashtra, it is missing. Balaji says when something happens once, it is destiny, when it happens again it is conspiracy.

Chandrasen is with goon. Goon says he didn’t know that Baji and Balaji will understand that they will think that weapon is stolen. Chandrasen says they have understood that someone have stolen the shastra and Baji will doubt me. He tells that his relation with Baji is like of diya and patanga. He tells Baji will burn. Goon asks what you will do? Chandrasen tells that he will make Baji fall in Shahu ji’s eyes. He says I will give proof to Baji against me, but when he will try to prove to Shahu ji, he can’t and then Shahu ji will make him far from him. He tells that he will kill Shahu ji.

Shahu is angry and says how can destiny be against me and take me two steps back. Dhana ji gives him strength. Baji says they will make their Shashtra with their hands. Shahu ji says war can’t be won like this. A Sevak whispers something in Chandrasen’s ears. Chandrasen tells how can this be possible and tells that weapons seller is here. Shahu ji asks him where he was when they went to buy weapon. Seller tells that he didn’t shift the place and was there itself. Baji says when we reached there, you was not there. He lies and tells that he was there, and nobody came there, neither you nor your father. Shahu ji asks how did you come here then. He tells that a sainik told them that they need weapon.

Chandrasen tells that he sent a sainak and asks Balaji why did he lie? Baji tells that his Baba don’t lie and takes out the sword. Balaji asks him to take sword back. Chandrasen tells that Balaji is a raj naitikgya and he don’t say truth. Balaji asks him to leave on Maharaj to decide. Shahu ji tells Balaji that you might have not reached the place, but the weapon seller reached here. He says whatever I don’t have, will get me Bhappa ji. Balaji asks whom? Dhana ji tells that he is a powerful sardaar and if he helps us then we will win. Balaji tells that he will go to meet him.

Balaji is seen taking bath on the way. Baji tells Balaji that Chandrasen wants to make him lower in Shahu ji’s eyes. Balaji says we don’t have proof and we can’t do anything without proofs.

Peshwa Bajirao 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Qamer Uddin tells Chandrasen and tells that Shahu ji will not have head to wear the crown. Chandrasen goes towards Shahu ji holding sword. Baji wakes up and takes out his sword.

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