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Peshwa Bajirao 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kashi coming to meet Mahant ji with Radha and others. Bhiu calls her roti sundari as she hugs her mum and cries. Mahant ji how is she? Kashi nods. Mahant ji asks where is Baji? Kashi says he went to Satara and didn’t take off haldi also. He said that he is a yodha and will always be. She says he said that he didn’t get that letter and he don’t want to become like her father. Radha tells her that Baji haven’t lied to her and tells that she didn’t let the letter reach him. Kashi is shocked.

Bappa ji tells Sadanand that he can’t accept that the attacker escaped from the kal kothri and tells that it is a conspiracy and he will not fall in it. He asks Shahu ji what he is doing here in the kothri and asks him to come. Baji and Malhar see them leaving. Malhar says if he is innocent. Baji says he has become alert crow.

Shivbai asks Radha who gave you right to come between husband and wife. Radha says she has to come inbetween them as letter was written by Kashi, but words are of you. She says she will not let Kashi’s happiness and Baji’s promise burn. Mahant ji scolds Shivbai and says it is parents’ duty to mould the child and says I got her married to a yodhha and says you wants to snatch shakti from a yodhha and asks why did you write such letter. Kumud takes Shivbai’s side and says it is not a sin to thought about her daughter. Mahant ji says he don’t need outsiders to interfere. Radha says Baji and Kashi shall decide what they wants. Shivbai asks Kashi to say.

Baji comes infront of Shahu ji and tells that the attacker has attacked me, but I have thrown knife on his leg. Bappa ji asks him to be with Shahu ji and goes to that attacker. He tells that he has risked their life too. Attacker recalls how Baji caught him and put scorpion on his mouth. Baji comes to know that Bappa ji and Sadanand have asked him to kill Shahu ji. Baji comes and keeps sword on Bappa ji’ neck and asks him why did he do this? Kashi tells Radha that she can’t live with the fear of losing her husband.

Bappa ji accepts to conspire against Shahu ji and says it wouldn’t have been murder, but a punishment for making an ordinary man as peshwa, ignoring my capabilities. Shahu ji tells him that Balaji nominated his name for Peshwa with whom he is so jealous. Sadanand apologizes to him. Shahu ji says you always told that dharm shall win vijay and adharm shall be defeated. He gives them death punishment and says you are adharm. Kashi says she will stop Baji from fighting and asks why don’t Baji want to become like her baba. Baji tells Shahu ji that his life is for the nation and he will fight until they get freedom from Mughals. Shivbai asks Radha to fulfill Kashi’s wishes. Radha says I will talk to Baji once he returns home.

Baji asks how can she promised on his behalf. Radha asks him if he is respecting his wife’s emotions and says you had left without doing the rituals. Baji says if I hadn’t gone then Shahu ji’s life would had been in danger. Radha says your father have more big responsibility than you, but he never leave without asking me. Kashi tells Radha that she said right and Baji can’t be handle alone. She says she will handle him and goes. Baji takes off his shirt. Kashi feels pain seeing his wound and tries to apply turmeric on his wounds. Baji says he will apply on his wound. Kashi tells him that her Aayi and Baba felt bad when he didn’t turn up for the ritual, and questions him how he will feel if she does similar thing with his parents.


Peshwa Bajirao 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji is going out. Radha asks what happened? Baji asks her to ask Kashi. Radha feels sudden labor pains and shout. Baji and others get worried. A grown up Baji is shown fighting with the mughals.