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Peshwa Bajirao 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 27th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 27th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Guru ji telling that he called someone to do justice and says Radha Bai shall be punished. Luckily Baji and his friends came back safely, but anything would have happened? Baji asks what is my Aayi’s mistake, she doesn’t know that dandak will be there. Guru ji says he is trying to chop my words and says I thought it is Baji’s mistake and tells that it is because of Radha, Baji is becoming mannerless. Radha apologizes to him and says she doesn’t know about the circumstances. Parshu’s mum says may be she has insulted Guru ji and that’s why this this. Someone asks Radha to apologize to Guru ji.

Qamer Uddin tells that he will make this bomb or something like it fall on the Marathi’s palace. Aurangzeb says what if Tara Rani bai finds a way to escape. Qamer Uddin promises that he will succeed. Aurangzeb promises that if he succeed then he will make her king after him. Qamer Uddin thanks him. Aurangzeb thinks that Qamer Uddin can fail Marathis and make Mughals’ proud.

Baji tells that his Aayi will not apologize to anyone. Radha asks him not to get angry. Baji gets angry on Balu and says this is happening because of him. He made Guru ji’s face blacken and he scolded Gotiya and others, and that’s why they came to jungle. Guru ji tells that Baji’s heart is filled with akhrosh/anger. Radha says if you think that I have made mistake then I am ready to apologize to Guru ji.

A woman is seen crying over her relative body. Dhana ji reads Mughal’s message on the dead man’s back which reads that Mughals will take whole Hindustan. Radha tells that she is ready to rub her nose on Guru ji’s feet. Baji stops her and keeps hand under her nose. He tells her that only a mother can give her punishment who have not taught anything wrong to her children. She tells Parshu’s mum that if their children came to jungle then why his mum was accused. Guru ji says he is again talking big thing. Baji tells what they have learnt in the jungle, and tells that his mum sent him to learn so many good things and tells about their jungle experience. Guru ji says you have learnt but what about your friends’ lies. Baji tells that his mum teaching is good than him. He says they have learnt to respect what her mum kept in food basket, and had eaten what malhari was eating. He tells that true friend is the one who stood by you even in the weakest time. He tells that when he was with his friends, he felt like he is in the village and when he was captive by Dandak, he realized the value of his villagers and thought that they got immense love for them. Everyone claps for him hearing his words. Guru ji is speechless.

Dhana ji gives dead victims family responsibility to Balaji. Woman says she can do any work. Gotiya’s dad thanks Radha for thinking her wrong. Radha says pratigyata is the new learning, and tells that because of it, we get inspired to learn things. She says whatever you have learnt is because of Guru ji’s scoldings, and that even his scolding have love in it. Baji touches Guru ji’s feet and thanks him for her teaching. Guru ji goes upset. Patel tells her that they have opened her eyes, and that they shall learn from kids now. Baji smiles looking at Radha. Aurangzeb asks Shahu ji how dare he to send message to Tara Rani Saheb and tells that Tara Rani Saheb killed Marathi sardaar and feels pity on him. Shahu ji tells that Tara Rani Saheb is marathi’s dhaal/protection and tells that she has killed the betrayal and says very soon marathis will rule everywhere. Aurangzeb tells that he will never free him from his captivity. Gotiya tells that Baji will go to Satara now.

Baji is upset and tells that they were like 5 fingers of hand and tells that his life is incomplete without Parshu. Parshu is standing far and comes to Baji, asking him to forgive him. He says when you can forgive Gotiya and Ishu, why not me. Baji forgives him. Parshu tries to hug him. Baji stops him and says he can forgive him if he would have harmed him, but he thought to leave Gotiya at dandak place. He says you are not my enemy, but no longer my friend. Parshu cries. Gotiya cries and gets emotional. He tells that he wants to become his brother in his next birth. Baji says you are my brother even now although you are fat. Gotiya hugs him and cries. Baji says I am going to Satara tomorrow, my mum said that we can’t trouble your parents and that’s why we are not taking you. Shahu ji tells Aurangzeb that few days are left from his age and tells that even if your 4 sons try to defeat Tara Rani Bai, but they will not succeed. Aurangzeb shares that they are making a big blast in the marathi’s palace to kill Tara Rani Bai and all Marathi’s.


Peshwa Bajirao 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Radha, baji, Bhiu and Chimna come to Satara. Baji lifts Chatrapati shivaji’s sword. Shiva Raze asks how dare you to touch my grand father’s sword. Baji tells him that he is Balaji’s son. Shiva Raze looks on.

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