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Peshwa Bajirao 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Kashi telling Baji that her father Mahant ji asked about him when she went there and not about her. She says if I behave same way with your parents then how you will feel. Baji feels bad. Gotiya asks Baji not to go before informing them. Namrata tells Gotiya that you used to come home often without informing. Gotiya says your father is halwai to me and I come with that relation. He says Baji is not ordinary boy and Kashi’s father is not halwai. Namrata gets angry. Baji thinks to go and apologizes to Mahant ji.

Baji comes to meet Mahant ji at his house. Mahant ji asks if everything is fine. Shivbai gets worried too and asks if he came for any reason. Baji says a son don’t need permission to come to his parents’ house. Shivbai asks if Radha sent you. Baji tells that aayi doesn’t know that he came here, and tells that he felt bad seeing Kashi upset. He apologizes to them for not coming there for the ritual. Mahant ji says he is glad that he has chosen him for Kashi. Baji tells that Kashi needs to accept the truth that he is a yodhha and will make his blood sacrifice for Swaraj.

Baji comes home and sees Kashi upset with him. He tells her that he brought something for her. Kashi says it might be frog. Baji shows the thing. Kashi says modak. Baji says it is made by Shivbai and tells that he went to apologize to them and got modaks for her. She thanks him. Baji says he needs something else. Kashi says that’s why you went to them. Baji says you must have gotten some mind from your mayka, and says he will go even if she don’t permit.

Baji is leaving from there. Radha tries to stop him and asks what happened. Baji asks her to ask her new daughter. Suddenly Radha gets labor pains and shouts. Sevika says we don’t have much time to call Ved as Shishu will be born soon. Kashi asks Radha not to lose hope Baji sees Kashi’s caring side for Radha and asks Chimna to call Ved. Radha delivers a baby girl. Ved ji checks baby and says she is dead.

Kashi tells baby that she can’t leave her and says I have no younger sister. Bhiu also asks baby to get up. Ved ji says now nothing can happen. Kashi says she has blood of Radha who is courageous and asks her not to lose life. Baby kicks Baji. Baji says she kicked me. Baby kicks him again. Kashi and others get happy. Baji asks Chimna and Bhiu to give baby to him and says he will make her quiet. Kashi asks if he is experienced. Bhiu asks Kashi to permit Baji to go on war if baby becomes quiet in his lap. Chimna says if she don’t then Baji have to agree to Vahini. Baby sleeps in Baji’s lap after he whispers something in his ear. Bhiu asks Kashi to let him go and asks Baji what he told to Baby. Baji says I asked her not to cry else she will be like her vahini.

Kashi hears him and gets angry. She goes out of room and is kidnapped by mughals. Radha wakes up as she gets dream of Kashi. Baji says she is sleeping in her room. He goes to room and sees Kashi missing. He goes out of house and sees arrow with Kashi’s anklet and a letter from Naser, that kashi is in his custody. Baji gets furious.

Naser greets Kashi. Kashi gets scared hearing his name. Naser asks her not to worry and says once Baji comes here, I will free you. Kashi says he will not come here as he don’t love me. Naser laughs and says you don’t know your husband and says their hatred is enough for Baji to come.


Peshwa Bajirao 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naser tells Kashi that he will kill Baji infront of her eyes and then she shall tell everyone about his bravery. Baji comes and breaks the pot. Soldiers stop him. Kashi is scared.