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Peshwa Bajirao 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 29th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Baji asking Radha to take rest and think about naming his sister, and says he will take care of house. Gotiya tells that he will burn Naser’s lanka. Baji says nobody shall know about it and says he will bring Kashi back. Malhar says I will come with you. Baji asks him to stay at home and take care of everyone. Chimna says vahini. Baji says I will bring your Vahini back and can’t spare the person harming my family. Chimna asks him not to spare Naser. Baji walks off.

Naser asks his men to kill Baji. Baji says you have learnt Chatrapati Shivaji’s kathi. Naser says I was sure that you will come but your wife said that you will not come. Baji says she doesn’t know me like you know, and asks why did he hurt Kashi, and says I would have come if you are so eager to die. Naser shouts at Baji. Baji fights with him. Shivbai comes to see Radha’s new born baby and says she thought to see the meet Kashi also. Radha says you don’t need a chance to come and meet Kashi and asks her to meet her. Shivbai says she will wake up Kashi. Malhar, chimna and Gotiya get tensed. Naser tells Kashi that Baji didn’t come, and now he has to kill her. Kashi asks what you will get if you kill me and says my Baba will give you wealth. Naser laughs and says he don’t need any wealth, and asks if she has not heard anything about him.

Kashi recalls Bhiu telling her about Naser and looks at his foot. Naser says you might have heard stories of Baji’s bravery and tells that even brave person get death and today he will die. Kashi gets tensed. Baji comes and breaks the pot. Naser asks his men to check his hands and says Marathi uses even pin to attack others. They check Baji and let him in.
Baji covers Kashi’s head. Naser says it is good, now she will not see your death. Baji says not my death but of you all. Naser attacks him. Baji also fights with him. Cloth moves from Kashi’s head and she is shocked.

Shivbai comes to Kashi’s room. Nandini tells Shivbai that Kashi is missing since morning. Shivbai scolds her. Radha comes and asks where is Kashi. Shivbai says Baji must have lied. Radha asks where is Kashi to Chimna. Chimna says you thought Baji wrong and tells Vahini will return with him safely. Baji asks Naser to choose a weapon whatever he thinks good and says he will kill him. Naser says ants are smashed and he don’t need any weapon. Naser and Baji fight with each other in the mud. Kashi looks on shocked and worried for Baji. She says har har mahadev. Baji gets strength with those words and shouts aloud har har mahadev. He beats Naser.

Naser fights with him. Baji falls down. Naser tells Kashi that he will kill both Baji and her, and asks if she wants to die first or after Baji. She recalls Shivbai’s words and tells that she wants to die as suhagan. Naser is shocked and says Indian woman are stupid, and says you don’t trust him but is ready to die for him, but ok as you wish. Baji gets up and beats him badly recalling Naser murdering his people. Baji tells Naser that he is leaving him tied to cannon and if he has a good destiny then he will survive else no. Naser fumes. Kashi looks on.


Peshwa Bajirao 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : A grown Baji is shown coming to the war place and fighting with the enemies.

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