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Peshwa Bajirao 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 29th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Balaji asking Rukmini/Ruqaiyya what she was doing outside the book room. She tells that she was searching him to talk and when she got vomiting sensation, she ran in a hurry. Radha says I can understand. Bhiu says I will bring tamarind for you. Baji thinks if one gets vomiting then that she keeps hand on her mouth, but she kept hand on her stomach and thinks she is hiding something. Balaji tells that they will celebrate Gudi Padwa and will do Gudi’s puja all night. Radha is making rangoli, a lady steps on it and tells that she is not having a habit to look down and that’s why she stepped on it. Someone asks Radha to sing a song. Radha sings a song.

Tara Rani Bai comes and hears her singing. She thinks this voice is from her heart. She asks who is she? Someone says she is Balaji’s wife. Radha greets her. Tara Rani Bai greets her. She asks the lady about her daughter Kashi. She says Kashi is participating in the event. Ruqaiyya tells that she is feeling unwell and is about to leave. Baji follows her. She goes somewhere. Baji follows her and thinks where did she go in the palace. Ruqaiyya goes to the secret door and thinks this is the hideout place for Tara Rani Bani and thinks to cover it up so that she couldn’t escape. She thinks Balaji is innocent not to have doubt on her thinking to be pregnant and says she brings explosive items every day. She thinks all gudis are made of explosives and nobody can save Satara now. She hears someone coming and hides, but breaks the pot in a hurry. Baji comes to the place and thinks whoever have broken this pot, must not have gone far.

Ruqaiyya is holding knife. Baji is about to see her. A soldier comes and tells him that the place is restricted and asks him to go. Ruqaiyya thinks to attack Baji and thinks from where to get the pot. She gets the pot kept in the palace. Bhiu comes and asks Baji to come and tells that she helped their mum to tie the gudi. Baji tells her about his doubt on Ruqaiyya. Bhiu tells him that when she hugged her, she hears strange voice coming from her stomach, like that if she is trying to listen to pot. Baji understands that she is not pregnant and asks Bhiu to do her work. Bhiu comes to Ruqaiyya and hugs her. Baji asks Bhiu to come. Ruqaiyya asks him to have kokam juice. Bhiu is about to say that he dislikes it, but Baji says it is his favorite and drinks it. He then faints. Bhiu gets worried. Ruqaiyya thinks Baji’s heart beat will drop soon and that he will die before anyone knows about his death..

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