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Peshwa Bajirao 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 29th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Balaji telling Baji that they have no proof against Chandrasen and asks him to protect Chandrasen in his absence. Balaji asks why didn’t you tell anything. Balaji says sometimes it is best to stay silent. Chandrasen tells Qamer Uddin that he manages to prove Balaji and Baji wrong in Shahu ji’s eyes, but he will come to Satara. Qamer Uddin says what if Shahu ji don’t have a neck then how he will wear crown. Chandrasen tells that Shiva Raze didn’t command him to kill Shahu ji. Qamer Uddin tells that if Shahu ji wins then he will become king and you have to work under Balaji then. Chandrasen looks on.

Radha gains consciousness and comes to know that Chimna saved her and her unborn baby. Bhiu tells her that he made medicine for her and also oil. Chimna says he can’t become like. Radha says you don’t need to become like him, if Baji is best at Shastra then you are best at Shaastra. She says you both complete each other. She hugs Chimna and says she didn’t know that he has grown up. Bhiu says she will make food for her and hopes she gets a sister.

Malhar asks Baji where is his concentration when they are practicing. Chandrasen comes and asks Baji what happened? He asks Baji to forget the past. Baji says he remembers history and also the chapters of history also. He reminds how Chandrasen cheated his own friend and asked Baji to apologize to Qamer Uddin. Bhiu and Chimna checks the storage box and says there is nothing in it. Gotiya comes there with donkey. Chimna says Aayi asked you not to help us. Gotiya says I can’t help you, but langotia will help you. Bhiu and Chimna see parathas. Ballu sees him.

Shivbai comes with Kashi to Tara Rani bai and asks Kashi to give gift to her. Tara Rani Bai gets impressed with her and praises her. She indirectly propose Raze and Kashi’s alliance. Tara Rani Bai asks her to talk straight and says during wars, lamps are not lighted and says we will think once storm goes. Shivbai thinks she didn’t know till now that her husband Mahantji is supporting Shahu ji.

Baji sees Chandrasen going towards Shahu ji’s kash later in the night and gets up. He wonders where is he going at this hour and takes out his sword. He shouts Maharaj. Shahu ji asks what is he doing? Baji keeps sword on his neck and tells Shahu ji that he saw Chandrasen coming towards him to kill him. Chandrasen tells Baji that I was with my father Dhana ji and Shripath ji. Baji wonders how is this possible. Chandrasen recalls asking a soldier to wear clothes like him and fool Baji. Dhana ji says he was with me.

Shahu ji says only you have the sword in your hand. Dhana ji says are you walking in sleep. Baji tells that he was not in sleep. Chandrasen tells that he thought them as competitors, but you people thought me as enemies. Dhana ji tells Baji that Chandrasen is right. Chandrasen tells Shahu ji that Baji will attack you, but will take my name. Baji says I have kept my sword in his respect. Shahu ji tells Baji that his personal enmity is harming his country and says until Balaji returns, you will be in the jail. Baji shouts asking him to listen. Chandrasen thinks who will save Shahu ji from me now.

Peshwa Bajirao 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Guru ji scolds Gotiya for helping Baji and says they will burn his house to teach him a lesson.

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