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Peshwa Bajirao 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 2nd August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pant Pratinidhi telling Shahu ji that even though Balaji worked for them, but have hidden many things from you. Shahu ji asks him not to blame him and tell clearly. Gangadhar tells Shahu ji that commoner have to bear problems now. Pant Pratinidhi tells that Baji promised to return everyone’s money with interest, but now he died. Mohan Rao says Baji says that he will return our money once he becomes peshwa. Shahu ji says how can he think Gangadhar tells that he has thought that he will become next peshwa as his father was Peshwa. Pant Pratinidhi suggest him to make Gangadhar as Peshwa. Shahu ji says just as Baji can’t decide, you can also not decide who will be next Peshwa. Shahu ji says Balaji must have thought how to pay their money.

Mohan Rao tells that his sister is married to Baji and their insult is like his insult, and lies to Shahu ji about Balaji promise. Shahu ji asks if he has any proofs. Baji comes there and greets Shahu ji. Har har Mahadev plays….Gangadhar tells Pant Pratinidhi that he has travelled on 1 3th day itself and reached here. He says he has broken the customs.

Mastani tells Chhatrasal that she wants to clarify to him that she didn’t raise sword on Bhaisaa. Chhatrasal says you can’t lie in the temple and asks what did Jagatraj do? Mastani says leave it, but I haven’t done anything. He says if you lie then God will punish you. She gives him Prasad. He eats it and feels pain in his heart and collapses on floor. Mastani shouts.

Pant Pratinidhi tells Shahu ji that Baji is threatening Mohan Rao. Baji says he don’t threaten, but attack directly. He says whatever Mohan Rao said is truth, he don’t need to give any proofs. Baji says my Baba asked for Bhoomi and he gave, and tells that he is Swami of his sampatti. Mohan Rao is shocked and asks what you are saying. Baji says I am saying right. He says you have done this deal with Baba. He says according to law, both taking bribe and giving bribe is guilty. He says you will be punished. He says you would have been with me after I become Peshwa, but now Shahu ji will not make me Peshwa.

Bhiu’s husband tells Radha that he has supported the sahukars else don’t know what they will do. Radha shows Bhiu’s milk tooth and says I am ready for forgive you as you are her husband and happiness. She tells that Baji and Chimna are ready to do anything for her. She asks him to keep eye on pant and let her know. Kashi asks Rakhma and Radha if Baji will make Peshwa. Radha says she is sure. Bhiu comes and tells that her Aayi thinks about her and had sold her. Baji asks Mohan Rao to tell who asked him to lie.


Peshwa Bajirao 3rd August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Shahu ji declares that Baji and Gangadhar will compete for Peshwa title tomorrow and public will decide. Gangadhar says Baji will lose from him. Baji smiles.