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Peshwa Bajirao 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mukhiya ji telling Guru ji that Shahu ji sat on the singhasan and he is our king. Guru ji says you have changed your loyalty now. Mukhiya tries to confront him. Radha says she has seen now who is Loyal to them and tells Guru ji that Guru has a high place, but you have blacken Guru’s name. She goes. Shahu ji is walking to the singhasan and flowers are showered on him. Kashi showers flowers on him and does some actions. Baji recalls Kashi telling that she is saying bad words for him. He also does the same thing. Balaji asks what you are doing and says this is darbaar and asks him not to cross the limits today. Baji says ok. He runs after Kashi and asks why did you do this action. Kashi tells that you have used me two times, and says once you asked me to hide your truth and at other time, you made me speak the truth to make Shahu ji king. Baji says this is Raj Neeti and you will not understand. Kashi asks him to tell. Baji says ok and runs from there.

Everyone do puja. Raj Pandit tells that he set a new example by giving half country to Shiva Raze and tells him about the singhasan. He does his tilak. He makes him wear the crown. Jai Shree Ganesha plays….Shahu ji sits on the singhasan. Baji applauds for him. Balaji introduces Mahant ji and his family to Shahu ji. Mahant ji blesses him and presents his wealth for the nation development etc. Shahu ji thanks him and says if you have not agreed to support me, then I wouldn’t have other sardaar’s support. Mahant ji says Balaji and Baji convinced me and showed me the right path. Balaji introduces the other sardaars. Baji sees Chandrasen going out and looks on.

Chandrasen asks Baji what is his problem, when Shahu ji Maharaj is trusting him, then why can’t him. Baji breaks the laddoo and tells that you are Dhana ji’s son, but I have seen your courage breaking. He says if God wishes, your courage and my trust will get connected. Chandrasen goes. Baji thinks where is he going? Kashi comes and holds Baji’s hand. Baji says I have urgent work and asks her to let him go. She says she has more important work than him. Chandrasen opens the secret door behind the trees and bushes and sees Qamer Uddin. He asks why did you come here? He says it is not easy to kill Shahu ji.

Qamer Uddin says you would have killed him before he reaches here. He tells that he is going to meet Azam and asks him to kill Shahu ji. Kashi asks Baji to take sin of breaking the promise and then everything will be fine in her house. Baji refuses to accept it. Chandrasen says he can’t do anything as Dhana ji is having responsibility to protect him. Qamer Uddin asks him to move ahead of him and kill him. Chandrasen is shocked and says he is my father. Qamer Uddin provokes him against Dhana ji and asks him to kill him. Baji asks what I have to do. Kashi asks him to stand under the tree and take the sin on his head. Baji comes out and sees Chandrasen. He thinks she heard Chandrasen talking to someone and thinks where did other person go? Kashi comes and tells Baji that I will not go easily. Baji says I am like an air which you can’t stop. He tells that because of you, country’s life can be risked. Kashi says you are so egoistic and says I pray that guy like you don’t come in my life. Baji says girls divert the mind and pray that no girl shall come in his life. They walk in opposite direction.


Peshwa Bajirao 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji tells Balaji that Chandrasen is more concerned about soldiers’ unity and doubts on him. Dhana ji comes and asks if he is again doubting on him. Baji says this is precaution.