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Peshwa Bajirao 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Radha asking Baji to have uncooked roti and says it is made of hardwork. Baji says I understood and says until I succeed, you won’t teach me first quality. He goes. Bhiu sees him going and says she will take out evil eye from her aayi. Shahu ji asks Marathi sardaars to choose kolapuri mirchi or gud. Sardaars get tensed. Shahu ji says I am not habituated to give poison secretly like Aurangzeb. Both Marathi sardaars select it. Shahu ji tells that everyone know about my upbringing here. He tells a story of Akbar. He says Akbar asked Birbal to write a good liner. He wrote this will not stay longer. He says once I was independent, but not now. He says again I will be independent and freed from here. He says then my behavior with you will depend on your decision. He asks them to decide and choose between sunset (Aurangzeb) and sunrise (himself).

Sardaars get up and take off their pagdis/turban. Shahu ji folds his hand and says tell Aurangzeb that I am ready for marriage. He asks them to inform their daughters that I was a Marathi, I am a Marathi and will always be a Marathi only.

Baji starts working in the fields again. Radha sees him working hard. Swaraj song plays…..Balaji tells Chimna that he will protect the blossoming flower and will learn the vanaspati gyaan fully. He sits on the field looking for the plant to give flower. Just then he sees crows coming there and eating the flowers. He says I will shoo you all and tries to make them fly. Radha comes and sees Baji pelting stones on the crows and smiles. Bhiu sees blossoming flower and informs Baji. Later in the night, someone comes and ruins Baji’s farm. In the morning, Baji comes and sees all the field ruined. Bhiu says who will make night birds go. Baji says Bichuga Bhatt. They make scarecrow. Same night, someone comes and makes the scarecrow falls. In the morning, Baji and his friends come and think that scarecrow must have fallen due to heavy wind. They cover the field with a cloth and wait for the flower. They are disappointed to see the plants attacked by insects. Baji gets an idea and goes.

Aurangzeb is angry at Shahu ji. Zeenat comes to him and says in Hindustan, people can be won by love and can’t be defeated. Aurangzeb says I have not only made the people lose but also made their ego tasted the dust. Zeenat says you thought you have done wrong with Marathi, but you have been sowing seed of betrayal. Aurangzeb says she is his dear daughter, else he would have killed her. Kam Baksh comes and says this is politics. Zeenat says that’s why he called me to convince Shahuji. She says Shahu ji agreed to marry Marathi girl. Aurangzeb gets happy and says I knew one of my children will be useful. Kam Baksh comes and says I will give a gift to Shahu ji on Gudi Padwa day which marathi’s will not forget. Messenger comes and tells Aurangzeb that Qamer Uddin…..Aurangzeb says I don’t want to see that man’s face. Messenger completes the message and says Qamer Uddin’s son came to meet him. Aurangzeb agrees to meet him.

Radha asks Baji to see the game which they are playing. She asks Bhiu to walk on the wood piece. She says I can walk on one foot. Radha says no, and asks her to use her feet. Bhiu walks on the wood. Radha then asks Bhiu to walk from a height and asks her not to fall. Bhiu says Aayi. Radha says you said that you are Bhau’s sister. Bhiu asks her not to doubt her. She walks on the wood piece and is about to fall, but Baji holds her. Bhiu says I am fine and even my milk teeth. Baji smiles. Radha asks what happened wrong? Baji says when she was walking for second time, she got scared seeing the height and fell down. Radha asks kaka to bring slate. He brings. Radha shows Dhyaan written on it. Radha says until you know that you have to make the flower blossom, you was concentrating on it and then you didn’t let sunlight reach plants to protect them. She says you shall never lack of concentration when you will fight for Swaraj.

Baji says now I will never divert my concentration and asks if this was my first learning. Radha says yes. Gotiya gets happy and says Baji have learnt first learning. Bhiu looks at Radha and says Bhau did lot of hardwork, but he didn’t get the fruit. Radha says yes, but he got the flower and also teeki chutney also. She recalls coming to his field in the night and says I had plucked the flowers. A fb is shown, Radha goes to his farm in night. Fb ends. Baji asks if this chutney is made by that flowers. Radha says yes. Bhiu says if Bhau forgets this paat then I will make him remember. Baji asks Radha when she will teach him next learning, and says he has less time.

Naser comes and greets Aurangzeb He says Qamer Uddin sent this gift for him and is well aware what gift he is going to give marathis on Gudi Padwa day. He says if he permits him then he has an idea to share with him which will make him have sweet thing which will be more sweet than a honey. Aurangzeb permits him to meet him. Naser leaves. Zeenat thinks what he is planning to do. Balu tries breaking pot without touching it and says this is impossible. Baji comes and says nothing is impossible. Balu asks him to show and break the pot. Balu makes the pot move and asks Baji to blow stone on it. Baji eyes the pot and hits it with the stone. Everyone praises him. Balu asks him to hit it with gulel/swingshot. Baji tells that he has learnt concentrate and says you will not understand. He says whoever is having bookish knowledge will not understand life practicality.


Peshwa Bajirao 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Radha asks Baji to solve the ownership issues of donkey and understand three owners claiming rights over it. Gotiya says Baji will solve the matter. Radha says I don’t understand if he could solve the matter.

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