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Peshwa Bajirao 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 30th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Radha telling Shivbai that Baji will not let anything happen to Kashi. Baji and kashi returns home. Kashi runs to Shivbai seeing here there. Shivbai asks where did you go? Kashi remembers baji tying Naser to the Cannon. Kashi asks him not to make his hands dirty with Naser killing. Baji says I will leave him on fate and says if your destiny is good then we will meet else you will die. He asks Kashi to come and lights the rope on fire connecting to Cannon. Fb ends. Radha sees mud on Baji’s face and asks how he got hurt. Baji says he slipped in the temple. Kashi tells Shivbai that when baby was born, she was not having heart beat so I went to fulfill my prayer. Radha asks Baji and Kashi to come. Bhiu says even I will come and learn to make lep. Gotiya asks Shivbai to taste jalebi which came from his sasural.

They go to room. Radha is shocked to know that Kashi was kidnapped by Naser. Baji says he don’t want to trouble her. Radha says she is more than a daughter to me as I am answerable to Shivbai. Bhiu says you shall scold her, as Kashi went out. Radha says he has fulfilled his duty as a yodhha, but not as a husband. Radha blames Baji and tells that Kashi felt alone and that’s why she preferred to go alone. Shivbai hinks what they are talking and thinks to find out. Gotiya and Chimna ask her to sit. Shivbai says she will talk to her daughter. Baji says I didn’t tell anything to Kashi and came to thank her, but she locked herself in room. Kashi says he called me roti sundari. Bhiu says that is true. Radha asks her to stay away and tells Kashi and Baji that they shall know each other, and says wife and husband are one after marriage as their souls get connected. She asks Baji to respect Kashi. Baji says that’s why I left Naser’s fate on his destiny and says I will forget everything if she comes inbetween me and my Swaraj dream. ShivBai comes and asks Baji where is he going? Baji says he is going for his lakshya. Shivbai tells Radha that she has decided to stay there and help her make arrangements for baby’s naam karan. Radha is hesitant, but agrees. Kashi gets happy.

Kashi tells Nandini to give jaggery to Radha. Shivbai comes and asks how do you know where it is kept. Kashi says she has arranged kitchen along with Bhiu. Shivbai asks how do you know that jaggery is good for Radha. Kashi says she has read the book while keeping Chimna’s books. Shivbai thinks Radha is making her do house work and asks Kashi to tell what happened to Baji. Kashi says Baji told you and asks her not to worry and says she mingled in the family well. Kashi hears Baji sending Gotiya and asks what he is upto. Baji says nothing. Shivbai cleverly asks Kashi again and feed her modak. She asks if Baji is veer or not. Kashi tells her how Baji saved her from Naser. Shivbai gets angry on Baji and Radha. Kashi tells her that she promised Baji that she will not let Radha know anything and gives promise to Shivbai asking her not to tell anyone else Baji will misunderstands her.


Peshwa Bajirao 3rd July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji asks why did you invite many guest. Shivbai tells that the guests are associates of Mahant ji. Radha says they are Peshwa family and that’s why invited them. Baji says people shall be known by their karma. Later a grown up Baji is shown.