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Peshwa Bajirao 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 30th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shahu ji declaring that Baji will be in the jail till Balaji returns. Chandrasen thinks who will save Maharaj from me now. Baji is locked inside the jail, and thinks Shahu ji is in danger, and I have to elope from here for his protection. Balaji comes to meet the sardaar Bappa ji. Sardaar Bappa ji says if you cross this line then you will die. Balaji says I am not your enemy, but came to remind you of your promise. He tells that you also knows that Shahu ji deserves the singhasan, and says if you support him now, then he will support you too. Bappa ji says he wants dharm to be protected and asks what Shahuji can do. He says if Shahu ji wants my support then he has to promise that whenever he sits on the singhasan, he will make me peshwa. He asks him to promise. Balaji says I promise that I will request Shahu ji to make you Peshwa. Bappa ji agrees to support Shahu ji and asks Balaji to come. Baji sees the man bringing food for Baji in the jail. Baji sees him and asks him to have food. Man says this is not your house that you will get food here. Baji asks how my father will think if he comes to know what I did and asks him to have the food. Man says ok, and sits down to have the food. Baji looks on smiling.

Kashi sings bhajan and impresses Tara Rani Bai. Tara Rani Bai tells that her heart felt peace seeing her bhajan. Pant Pratinidhi tells Tara Rani Bai that Balaji convinced Bappa ji and 50 others sardaars. Shiva Raze tells that he wants their heads. Tara Rani asks him not to do mistake angrily. Kashi’s mum Shivbai that she wants to go home. Tara Rani Bai asks her to go. Kashi asks Shivbai what is happening? Baji sees the man sleeping peacefully after having food and goes out of jail.

Dhana ji tells Chandrasen that he is growing old and wants him to take care of his work . Baji is hanging on to the balcony and climbs down just as they walk from there. Chandrasen tells that he heard some noise. Dhana ji says there is nobody here.

Guru ji asks Gotiya why is he helping Baji’s family and took food for them. He says Balu saw you giving food to them. They tell that Gotiya will be punished. Guru ji says we shall burn his house. Gotiya’s father apologizes and says he is sympathetic to them. Guru ji says Radha Bai like woman don’t deserve anyone’s sympathy. Chimna comes there with Radha and Bhiu and says where woman is insulted, God don’t stay in such place, and says you taught us this but forgot. Guru ji says wife is husband’s better half and says we will give Balaji’s half punishment to you. Radha asks them to punish her, but not Gotiya and his family. They agree, but warn Gotiya and his parents not to do such mistake again. Gotiya cries. Radha asks Chimna and Bhiu to come.

Shahu ji is in his kash. Baji hides outside the window. Shahu ji checks, but couldn’t find anyone. Baji enters through window. Mahant ji asks ShivBai why did she go to Satara? Shiv Bai tells that she took Kashi’s alliance for Raze. Mahant ji says we are Brahmin and says he wants Brahmin guy for Kashi. ShivBai says they are shastriya and says everyone bends down infront of him. Mahant ji tells that he will not get his daughter marry a coward who keeps a pregnant woman in karagar for his evil motives. Chandrasen signs the man. Man goes to attack Shahu ji in his Kaksh. Man attacks Shahu ji, but Baji is on bed and holds his hand. Shahu ji holds the man. Baji recalls how he convinced Shahu ji and tells that his life is in danger. Shahu ji says I have full trust on you, I was checking if your doubt is true and what you can do to prove your point. He asks what you did to come out? He tells that he made sainik have food and he slept. Shahu ji tells Baji that he doubted when the weapons dealer came to him. He says I don’t want to doubt on Chandrasen. Baji says I have an idea. Fb ends. Shahu ji asks man who sent him to kill him.


Peshwa Bajirao 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pant pratinidhi tells Shiva Raze that Shahu ji got Bappa ji’s support. Sardaar says nobody can stop him from sitting on singhasan now. Shiva Raze beheads him. He announces war and tells Pant Pratinidhi to make the arrangements.

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