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Peshwa Bajirao 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 3rd April 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 3rd April 2017 watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Baji fighting with Bhao Rao Malhar and falls down. Radha thinks what Tara Rani might be feeling seeing her son failing. Shiva Raze looks at the fight from far and thinks Baji was talking big, but couldn’t make up. Bhao Rao challenges Baji and asks him to get up. The Mughals enter there. Baji gets up. Tara Rani is tensed. Baji is leaving. Bhao Rao Malhar asks where you are going, leaving the fight. Baji turns and runs towards Bhao Rao Malhar…He attacks Malhar….Malhar falls down. Tara Rani applauds for Raze and asks him to prove that he is the rightful candidate for the singhasan. Everyone applaud for Shiva Raze. Malhar gets up. Rukmini sees gudi and closes her eyes. Balaji asks what did she see and is feeling relieved. He recalls her words and what Baji had said. Tara Rani, Radha and others see the fight. Malhar makes Baji fall down again. His supporters cheer for him.

Balaji tells Rukmini that her eyes told everything, and says you have filled barood in the pot, and grabs her neck. He says you are thinking that you will succeed and says you need to know that you are defeated and kills her. Baji again gets up. Bhao Malhar are celebrating his win. Baji says har har mahadev…..Tara Rani Bai think this is not Raze’s voice. Radha realizes that Baji is fighting. Baji jumps towards Malhar and makes him fall. Everyone applaud for Shiva Raze. Shiva Raze gets happy hearing people praising him. Baji thinks my Aayi said that intelligence can defeat strength. Har Har mahadev is played. Radha says Baji. Tara Rani Bai thinks if he is Balaji’s son…..

Qamer Uddin thinks Marathi’s death will be big and says Tara Rani, accept Qamer Uddin’s gift for Gudi Padwa. He is about to light the artillery. Dhana ji comes and fights with him. He moves the artillery, but blast happens. The crowd panics and try to hide. Balaji comes to Tara Rani Bai and asks her to come. Tara Rani bai says she will not go leaving her people in distress. Balaji says we have to save you. Shiva Raze comes and says what has happened? He has defeated Malhar, but this blast. Qamer Uddin thinks Tara Rani and Shiva Raze are going towards their death. Kashi holds Baji’s hand and starts running. She slips. Baji lifts her and starts walking. Kashi removes the mask from his face and see him. Baji takes breath. Kashi is shocked seeing him. Baji asks her not to tell that he was on Maharaj’s place and asks her to go as her aayi is waiting for her. Kashi runs towards her mum.

Balaji is making people go away from there. He asks about Baji. Radha says he is inside. Balaji tells Baji that Ajinkya tara is filled with barood. Baji asks where is Tara Rani and Shiva Raze. Balaji says Apaatkaal kasha. Baji says they have planned to kill them there. Balaji and Baji run towards Apaatkaal kasha. Mughals prepare themselves and take off the guns. Dhana ji and Pant Pratinidhi take Shiva Raze and Tara Rani. They go inside Apaatkaal kasha. Baji manages to enter before the door is closed. Tara Rani asks why you came here? Baji tells that Mughals are planning to kill them here. Shiva Raze says this is the safest place. Baji checks the place. Balaji tells that the door will open from inside now and says enemies will attack Apaatkaal kasha from behind. Shiva Raze doesn’t believe Baji. Mughals makes hole in the wall which Rukmini have loosened. Baji hears the sound. Balaji is running towards the back side of Apaatkaal kasha. They try to blast the place. Baji protects them while the blast happens.


Peshwa Bajirao 4th April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naser tells Qamer Uddin that very soon Ajinkya Tara will be theirs and that he will become Mughals Awad (king) today. Meanwhile Baji is rescuing Tara Rani and Shiva Raze.

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