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Peshwa Bajirao 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 3rd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Baji telling Balu that whoever is having bookish knowledge have lack of practical knowledge. Balu gets angry. Gotiya asks Baji what his aayi is going to teach him next. Baji says don’t know. Balu swears that he won’t let him learn anything from his aayi. Guru ji comes and asks what happened? Balu tells him that Baji said that his Aayi teaches him best than you. Guru ji gets angry. Radha asks Baji to learn Ved Path before learning the second thing. She tells that knowledge is the thing which will remain with you. Gotiya says he is getting sleep seeing the book. Radha says it has all the knowledge. She explains 4 Veds and asks them to stand on their place. She says all ved have taught us what is important in our life and for living. Bhiu says Ved is important. Radha makes them say something …..Everyone say the shlokas.

Balaji explains Shiva Raze about the Shlok and says it brings happiness to you. Shiva Raze makes fun of him. Balaji asks him to drink kada. Shiva Raze refuses and says I know you want to tease me and try to make kada fall, but Balaji stops him. He says lets play a game, and asks him to make the kada fall, or read the paper and remember what is in it. He asks him to search kada and make it fall. Shiva Raze try to make it fall, but Balaji holds it and says it is not easy to make it fall. Shiva Raze goes near the pot and gets the letter. He reads what is in the chit. Balaji asks Shiva Raze to tell what is in the chit. Shiva Raze tells everything. Balaji says it was easy and asks him to go as next pot is waiting for him. Shiva Raze goes and breaks the pot. Pant Pratinidhi sees him. Baji tells his friends that he has learnt the paat and calls his aayi. They search for Radha. Radha is outside the house. Baji says it is good that you brought this donkey, it will be easy to take the stuff. Radha says it is not ours, and says it is an orphan for now. Gotiya says God is with it. Radha says it is hungry.

Gotiya tells donkey that Radha kaki gives food to everyone. Radha says it came here to choose his owner and it didn’t know who is the owner. She says donkey’s real owner Kumar died and he has three sons. She says who will be the owner of the donkey now and says it has to take 100 pots to someone. Baji hears her. Bhiu asks if my Bhau understands the problem and solve it too then….Radha says then I will teach him next learning and promises Baji. Baji says they will make 100 pots. Gotiya says I am 101 pot and jokes. Baji asks where I will find his three owners. Radha says it will take you there. Gotiya asks donkey to come and asks what to do to convince you. He dances.

They come to the a house. Man asks why can’t they knock on the door. Bhiu and Baji tell that they were knocking on the door. Man says you will get pots by evening. Bhiu comes and says we came to return the donkey. Two men comes and claims that the donkey is theirs. They are Kumar’s son. One is dump, deaf and blind. Baji recalls Radha telling that he can’t understand them. Baji tells his friends how to understand them and how to make them understand. He writes about the donkey on the slate. Blind brother tells that they are illiterate. Bhiu says Paathshaala is needed. Radha asks Chimna and Bhiu to go to Paathshaala. Baji tells Radha that you have given me this test knowingly. Radha says you have to make them understand and get the pots made by evening. She then scolds Bhiu for teasing them. Radha says when God snatches something then gives unique talent to that person. Bhui asks what? Radha says Baji will understand. Gotiya comes back to Baji and says if I am with you, then may be I will become soldier to fight for Swaraj. Baji smiles. All three brother fight and argue with each other and claim ownership on the donkey. Baji thinks how to make them make pots.


Peshwa Bajirao 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Baji and Gotiya rejoice seeing 100 pots ready. Balu thinks what Radha is going to teach him and breaks the pots. Baji looks at him.

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