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Peshwa Bajirao 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 4th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with an old woman coming to Gangadhar and Pant and tells about her children who are kidnapped. Gangadhar asks woman to go and come after her becomes Peshwa. He thinks Baji will lose his family also. Mandakini comes to Baji and tries to flirt with him. He asks her to go and says his values don’t permit her to insult a woman. She holds his hand.

Gotiya tells that he will put the flag just as Baji becomes peshwa after winning the kasautii. They come to know that Baji and Chima ji are missing. Bhiu’s husband tells that he has taken enmity from sahukars and says if Baji loses then…Mastani tells her Mum that Jagatraj poisoned Chattrasal to take revenge from her, but the matter is more deep than it appears. Shahu ji comes to the Palace. Gotiya thinks where is Baji. Gangadhar tells Shahu ji that Baji ran away being afraid of kasautii/competition. Shahu ji says Baji don’t get afraid and run from kasautii and tells that they will wait till evening, if Baji don’t return then he will make Gangadhar as Peshwa.

Rani asks Vaid ji about Maharaj. He asks her to give medicine to him every two hours. Just then Soldier comes and tells that the mastani would be groom’s father got angry as she refused for marriage and shook hands with mughals. If he attacks Bundelkhand then we might lose. Sevika hears and thinks to inform Mastani.

Mandakini goes from there. Chima ji comes and asks Baji if he is fine. The woman who went to Gangadhar comes to Baji Rao and tells that her sons are kidnapped by Dandak’s nephew. Baji calls her Mata and tells that he will brings his brothers. Woman says you need soldiers. Baji says he is a one army man. Gangadhar tells that Baji must be afraid and that’s why escaped. Gotiya argues and tells that if Baji is not here, then it means he is at some other place where he needs the most. Dandak’s nephew is shown and he tells the captive children that his uncle Dandak gave him Sheela chur and laughs asking him not to think about escaping from there. Baji comes there and is under the influence of drugs which Mandakini gave him. Dandak’s nephew asks who are you, you couldn’t walk and came to me. Chima ji says he is the one who punished dandak. Dandak’s nephew asks if he is Baji. Chima ji and Baji fight with Dandak’s nephew and his goons. Baji says he will not leave the guilty. Radha is doing puja and the havan kund fire is set off. Bhat says this is bad. Kashi worries. Bhiu tells that they shall trust Baji as he writes his own destiny. Radha also says the same and asks Bhat to do the yagya.

Baji is seen coming back and is on the way. Shahu ji says he don’t expect this from Baji and says he is happy that Gangadhar is becoming Peshwa. He is about to announce, just then sees sunrays…and a girl calls aloud Baji Rao…Chima ji brings Baji Rao inside. Baji walks with difficulty. Har har mahadev plays….


Peshwa Bajirao 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Pant and Gangadhar accuse Baji to be drunk and for not being able to walk properly. Gangadhar says who can’t walk, how he will run the nation. Baji looks on.

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