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Peshwa Bajirao 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 5th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chandrasen telling Shahu ji that many sardaars supporting you. He says I am thinking to go there, my baba says where there is unity, there is a victory. Dhana ji agrees with him. Shahu ji asks Chandrasen to go. Chandrasen goes. Baji is doubtful on him and tells Balaji that Chandrasen is going to give courage the sainiks, and says he ran away in daulatabad when the war initiated. Dhana ji hears him and asks if he is still doubting on him. Balaji says no. Dhana ji says truth shall be spoken even if it is bitter. Baji apologises and says it is a precaution. Dhana ji says I am sure that my son will prove you and your precaution wrong.

Gotiya laughs as Mukhiya ji made Balu erase Deshdrohi from wall of Radha’s house. Mukhiya apologises to Radha. Radha asks her kids to come inside and closes the door. Shahu ji tells that Chandrasen is busy strengthening the soldiers and asks Balaji to help him to make list of the positions to be given to the sardaars. Bappa ji comes and reminds Balaji of his promise. Balaji assures him. Bappa ji tells Sardaar that he will see his benefits first and laughs.

Chandrasen tells story of a deer and tiger, and tells sainak’s that they have danger with Shahu ji. He instigates the soldiers against shahu ji. He asks if you will support Shahu ji whom left his mum in mughal’s captivity and Shiva Raze, who left the palace for his mum’s safety. He asks if you want to make him King who don’t attack his enemies and befriends him, or other king who has taken oath to kill his enemies. Malhar hears him and thinks why Chandrasen is doing this.

Balaji tells Baji that one shall become minister of raja who knows him and senapati is the one who understands enemies well. He says Dhana ji is competent to become Senapati and have worked for years at Tara Rani Bai’s palace. He says until Dhana ji is alive, nobody can harm Shahu ji. Baji asks how do you know which position shall be given to whom in mantra pratishad. Baji asks do you think that Bappa ji is right for Peshwa. Balaji asks what is wrong if he becomes Peshwa. Baji says for peshwa’s elections, one shall not see how many supporters are with him, but shall be given to those who loves Swaraj and have the strength of changing the history. Balaji asks if you have someone in your view. Baji says you. Balaji is shocked and says he wants to work for people and not to rule on them. He says I have promised Bappa ji and have to fulfilled my promise. He holds Baji’s hand and writes Bappa ji’s name.

Baji hears some noise and thinks what is happening. He thinks that man vanished who was speaking to Chandrasen and says it can’t be a co-incidence. He says I have to go to Shahu ji. Chandrasen is going to Dhana ji and thinks of Qamer Uddin’ words. He goes to Dhana ji’s room. Dhana ji takes out the sword hearing the sound and stops seeing Chandrasen. He asks what you are doing here, you said that you will return in the morning. Baji comes to Shahu ji’s kash and asks if everything is fine. Sevak says nothing will happen in Dhana ji’s protection. Chandrasen looks at his sword. Dhana ji keeps sword on the bed and says you are scared being my son and keeps sword on bed. Chandrasen comes inside Dhana ji’s room and closes the door. He tells dhana ji that he wants to tell him something, but don’t have the courage to say. Dhana ji asks him to say. Chandrasen tells that he attempted murder on Shahu ji. Dhana ji is shocked.

Baji is running towards Dhana ji’s room thinking his life is in danger. Baji is coming towards there. Dhana ji says Shahu ji is Chatrapati Shivaji’s grand son and says you have tried to kill the nation and asks why did you betray? Chandrasen says I haven’t betray anyone, you have betrayed Tara Rani and Shiva Raze, on Balaji’s sayings and haven’t think how your decision will be affected on me and my family. Dhana ji says how can you think that I will change my loyalty hearing anyone, and says I supported Shahu ji as he deserves to be king and not Raze. He says my loyalty is towards nation and not for singhasan. Chandrasen shows hatred for Balaji. Dhana ji asks why he hates Balaji. Chandrasen says I can’t be your son because f Balaji, and says you don’t get tired of praising him and his son and asks why?


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