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Peshwa Bajirao 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 6th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chandrasen telling Dhana ji that he has many qualities, but which he couldn’t see and tells that you always praised Balaji, but not me. Dhana ji says I wanted you to achieve the position on your own. Chandrasen says you never hugged me or pat on my shoulder saying that you are proud of me. He says I become your son, but you couldn’t become my father. Dhana ji says I wish I could tell you that you are my everything. He says we will start afresh now, forgetting everything. He says I won’t let your trust break and hugs him. Chandrasen suffocates his neck and kills him. Dhana ji recalls Baji doubting on Chandrasen and dies. Chandrasen makes his dead body wear the turban and says you took lot of time to hug your son. He escapes. Baji comes there and tries to wake him up and shouts Kaka. Shahu ji and Balaji come there. They try to wake him up. Shahu ji asks them to open the windows. Balaji asks Baji how could this happen. Vaid ji comes and tells that he has a natural death due to age.

Chandrasen comes and acts and cries. He says I was not with him at his last moments. Shahu ji asks Balaji to make arrangements of his last rites and says it will happen with nation honor. Baji gets the ring from Dhana ji’s hand and thinks to talk to Balaji later. Chandrasen acts and cries. Bhiu tells that she is happy that Shahu ji became king now. Radha says whatever Shahu ji and your baba take decisions, our destiny depends on it. She says we have suffered enough and says they will not have any more sufferings now.

Everyone gather for Dhana ji’s last rites. Some sardaars come there and says we thought we will be in his shelter, but he left. They gives condolence and support to Chandrasen. Chandrasen says he got teary eyes hearing the respect for his father. He does his last rites. Shahu ji recalls Dhana ji bending infront of him. Baji recalls Dhana ji telling that his son proved them wrong. Baji apologises in his heart and swears to reach the secret behind his death. Chandrasen burns the pyre. He thinks to check whose ring is this. He folds his hand and checks everyone’s hand with his eyes. Bappa ji asks Balaji if you presented the list to Shahu ji and wrote my name. balaji says I wrote your name, but Shahu ji will take a final decision. Bappa ji says nobody deserves to be peshwa than me.

Chandrasen comes to the darbar. Mahant ji says you shouldn’t have come here. Chandrasen says work is big than anything else, and says this is my shraddhanjali for him. Shahu ji tells that he has seen with his own eyes, how Dhana ji worked for him and says that’s why he will make Chandrasen as Sena pati. Chandrasen thanks him and is happy. Shahu ji says next is Peshwa. He says who is rich with Shashtra and Shastra, and says who is rich with body and heart, and you have his own mind. He says my Peshwa will be Balaji Vishwanath Bhat. Balaji is shocked. Bappa ji gets upset.


Peshwa Bajirao 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Bappa ji challenges Balaji that it is easy to become Peshwa, but difficult to handle the position for long.