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Peshwa Bajirao 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 6th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 6th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

The Episode Starts with Gotiya thinking to make pots and says even though I don’t know how to make pots, but I will try once. Baji thinks to make the three brothers make pot and gets an idea. Gotiya asks how? Baji says you will make them work. Gotiya shouts aloud that orphan donkey has run away. The dumb, deaf and blind brothers tell each other that it seems their baba is leaving them. Baji asks them not to worry and says I will control donkey, and says I have a condition. He understands their language and tries speaking to them. Baji says I will select who is best Swami for donkey, and asks them to make good pots and says if you people don’t make good pots then I will take donkey with me. The brothers hold each other hands and agree for his condition. Baji smiles.

He sees the brothers making pots and smiles. Baji tells that he found the donkey. The blind brothers hears Baji and tells his dumb and deaf brother that he will take donkey with him and says they shall make pots together. They make a pot, but then they start fighting. Baji is shocked and tells that his trust is not weak to be defeated by a hurdle. The brothers fight with each other. Gotiya asks Baji not to think that they will make pots. Baji says solution is infront of us, but we don’t see. The brothers continue to fight and beat each other. Baji comes to the donkey and says he will end the root of the problem. He holds the knife. Gotiya asks him not to hurt donkey.

Qamer Uddin comes to meet Aurangzeb. Kam Baksh asks why did he come? Qamer uddin says he brought a gift for him and now he will understand. He burns the hive with a firewood and makes the bees flies. Kam baksh asks what nonsense? You are wasting our time. Aurangzeb says he wants to convey something and asks Qamer Uddin to say. Qamer Uddin says I want to add new weapon to the things which will be used in the Gudi Padwa attack. Zeenat tells Shahuji that Aurangzeb is planning something against marathis, and tells that she heard Naser telling Aurangzeb that he will get honey and that bees will not bite them. Shahu ji says bees don’t bite and thinsk what does he mean?

Baji sharpens the knife. The brothers stop seeing him sharpening the knife. Baji tells them that their donkey is going to be killed now and says I will not touch your donkey, but my friend will…..They keep knife on Gotiya’s neck. Baji says I don’t want to kill your donkey, but trying to bring your concentration and tells that you people can’t make one pot alone and tells that if you unite then you can make 100 pots. They understand Baji’s point and tell each other. They agree to him. Baji asks them to make pots. Swaraj song plays…..The brothers sit down to make pots. Baji and Gotiya play in the mud happily. Baji tells Gotiya that he will shape Swaraj’s dream just like these brothers making pots.

Qamer Uddin says the attack on marathis will be from inside and outside. Kam baksh asks how do you know? Qamer Uddin says he knows and tells that Marathis will be attacked, and Tara Rani Bai will be attacked also. He says we have to make their ego taste the dust. Aurangzeb says this time Balaji is given the task of security. Qamer Uddin says you have met him and tells that Balaji is the person whom they tried to kill, but he defeated death. Aurangzeb fumes. Qamer Uddin says I will send someone to kill Balaji before our plan begins and next plan is Shahu ji. Kam baksh says they are getting Shahu ji married to Marathi girl. Qamer Uddin says he will spread fake rumors that they will make Shahuji sit on Marathi singhasan. Qamer uddin says that Marathi sardaar don’t know what we are going to do with marathis, and says once we light the honey bee on fire, lets see who comes to save Tara Rani Bai. Aurangzeb says I am glad that I haven’t done any stupidity and gives responsibility to Qamer Uddin and Kam Baksh to ruin Marathis. Kam Baksh and Qamer uddin think to snatch everything from other another. Gotiya tells Baji that one pot is broken. They think to hide it so that Kumars don’t feel bad. Then they see all pots broken….Baji looks at the persons hitting on the pots.


Peshwa Bajirao 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update : Precap :: Radha gives next task to Baji and asks him to catch the tree leaves in the pot and stops it to reach ground. Baji says what you will do with leaves. Radha says you will know when you collect them.

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