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Peshwa Bajirao 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 7th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mastani asking Chanda to help her and says our relation is like sisters, and the matter now is about the country. The guard outside their room hears the noise and get inside. He sees Suraiyya Banu offering him ring for letting Chanda bring food for them. Mastani is seen walking out wearing Chanda’s clothes and Chanda takes Mastani’s place.

Pant tells Baji that he has disrespected the court and betrayed his trust today. Gangadhar Rao tells that whoever can’t stand straight, how he will make the country run. Chimna tells that Baji didn’t have wine, but someone made me have drugs. Pant says someone made him have drug and he couldn’t know. He says whoever can’t save himself from this conspiracy, how can he save nation. Shahu ji tells Baji that he wants an explanation.

The rescued children come there and insist to meet Shahu ji. Shahu ji lets them come inside. One of the kid ask Shahu ji to make Baji as Peshwa, and says he has rescued us from the kidnapper. Woman tells that Gangadhar ji was worried about the kasautii, but Baji cared for humans than the challenge. A fb is shown of the same.

Kids tell that Baji is their hero, politician and their Peshwa. Shahu ji asks Gangadhar if he thinks Baji needs to go through any kasautii. Gangadhar tells that kasautii was not done till now. Shahu ji smiles and says this was the challenge. Gangadhar and Pant are shocked. Shahu ji recalls asking the woman to help him select between Baji and Gangadhar and asks her to take her problem to both of them. He promises that no kid will get even a scratch. Woman says ok. Fb ends. Shahu ji tells that he has seen this quality in Balaji and says today Baji have proved that he is son of late Balaji Rao and says only such selfless person can become Peshwa. He announces Baji as next Peshwa. Everyone applaud aloud and cheer for Baji.

Pant and Gangadhar are shocked. Baji’s supporters lift him and dances. Gotiya takes the orange flag and shows to soldiers. He takes orange flag to Baji’s house. Kids call Peshwin Bai to Kashi. Radha smiles and recalls Balaji’s words. Radha thanks Bhatt Saheb for his support. Bhatt tells that he is thinking that Baji will not respect him like Balaji. Radha says he walks ahead of everyone, and gives him things as a gift. Bhatt tells that he will handle dharm, but you have to handle his karma, as pant is an old enemy.

Mastani comes to Chhatrasal’s room and asks him to get up. Jagatraj scolds the guards for leaving from the place seeing the smoke. Mastani asks him to be fine. Baji Rao is given bath with milk and other stuff to honor him as Peshwa. Gangadhar tells Pant that he is feeling humiliated to be defeated by a 19 year old Baji. Pant tells him that he will beat Baji’s bravery with his cleverness. Baji comes to court after bathing and wearing his clothes. Shahu ji does his tilak and gives him sword announcing him to be next peshwa. Gotiya applauds for him. Baji thanks Shahu ji and says Peshwa position is not his stubbornness, but his responsibility. He says he will give his life and promises to win Delhi too. Gangadhar tells that Peshwa works for the court and see other other things also. He don’t have sword all the time and have pen too. Baji asks him to keep telling against him and says he will hear his bitter talks. Someone raise a doubt on Shahu ji’s decision. Shahu ji says he had decided to make baji as Peshwa long back and tells that he has decided competition so that nobody thinks that his decision is wrong.


Peshwa Bajirao 8th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji comes home. Kashi welcomes him and does his aarti calling him Peshwa Saheb. Baji calls her Peshwin Bai. Kashi smiles.. Later everyone get elated seeing Radha hugging Baji.