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Peshwa Bajirao 7th February 2017 Written Update


Peshwa Bajirao 7th February 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Balaji telling Qamer Uddin that Shiva Raje is planning to give him entire deccan inexchange of Shahu ji.. Qamer Uddin is shocked. Gotiya tells that they have to make Naser taste dust. Chima says it is not easy. Baji explains that there is nothing impossible. Ballu comes and greets them, looks at Baji’s plan. Qamer Uddin tells that it is impossible and says Tara Rani Bai will never agree to give me full Deccan in exchange of Shahuji as she will never make him king. Balaji says Tara Rani Bai agreed that Shiva Raje couldn’t handle the kingdom and that’s why she wants Shahu ji. Qamer Uddin agrees to free Shahuji inexchange of full Deccan and tells that he will talk to Aurangzeb. Balaji says I will talk to Tara Rani Bai, but if you fails to free Shahu ji then you will not get even this ¼ of Deccan. Qamer Uddin looks on. Ballu tells that he wants to help them against Naser, and says he is also Marathi like them. Gotiya says they don’t want him and asks him to go. Baji says he is a Marathi and tells that he will explain his plan.

Balaji talks to someone who tells that Qamer Uddin will never believe on him. Balaji says he will believe due to is greediness. He says just as he used Shiva Raje, I have used him too. A fb is shown, Balaji talks to Shiva Raje and suggests him to free Shahuji from Aurangzeb’s clutches through his friendship with Qamer Uddin. Shiva Raje says he will talk to Tara Bai after Sandhya aarti. Later he talks to Tara Rani when Qamer uddin’s man is keeping eye on them. Shiva Raje tells Rani Tara Bai about freeing Shahuji. Aarti plate falls down from Tara Rani Bai’s hands.. She picks it up and says she tried, but couldn’t do anything.

Qamer Uddin sends his messenger to Aurangzeb. Balaji’s friend tells that he is not with him and if Aurangzeb agrees to this deal and Rani Tara Bai refuses then Marathi will become joke and he will be punished. Balaji tells that he plans to give a fitting reply to Mughals. Baji shares his plan with his friends and shows a narrow lane, and says whoever reaches the other end will win. Ballu hears him carefully and goes to inform Naser. He says Baji’s horse can run in that lane, but not your elephant. Naser says if your info is wrong then….He says Baji said right that horse will run faster, but how that horse overcome elephant as my Yakut is hungry since 3 days and will kill his horse.

Baji comes home on the horse. Radha asks him not to over confident about the challenge and think it hard always, and asks him to understand all the 4 players. Baji says we are just two, Naser and me. Radha says no, and asks him to understand Malhari and Naser’s elephant Yakut also. She says who doesn’t know enemies, can’t win. Baji says they will practice until they know each other. Chima tells Baji that he has checked the plan and came to know that Malhari can’t return overcoming Yakut with the flag. Baji says big thing is strength and tells that they will succeed. He shows the honey and says it is for a friend, smiles.

Gotiya makes an announcement that his friend Baji is on this side and other side is Naser who will come on an elephant.. Mughals song plays…….Bhiu says he is Ganapati ji and will not fight with us. Baji comes on Malhari, his horse.

Peshwa Bajirao 8th February 2017 Written Update Precap : 

Naser tells Yakut that he has chosen Baji so that it can take anger on him, and says nobody can save Baji now. Baji takes the flag and sees Yakut and Naser while returning.

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