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Peshwa Bajirao 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 7th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shahu ji telling that his Peshwa will be Balaji Vishwanath Bhat. Everyone is happy except Bappa ji and his supporters. Chandrasen is also upset. Balaji tells Shahu ji that he has proposed Bappa ji’s name for this post. Shahu ji says I have decided this long ago before reading your list that I will make you peshwa. He says when I didn’t find your name in the list, I was sure that you are the one who has no selfish motives with the post. Balaji says he will respect his decision. Shahu ji says Balaji will take oath tomorrow. Everyone applauds for the Peshwa. Baji hugs Balaji. Chandrasen comes near him and keeps hand on his shoulder. Baji sees ring mark on his finger and understands that he has killed Dhana ji. Chandrasen asks Baji to let him congratulates Balaji and hugs him. Baji looks at his hand.

Radha reads the message sent by Shahu ji and calls her children. She says your father have become Peshwa. Bhiu asks what is Peshwa. Radha explains that it is Prime Minister and is an important post. She tells that we have to represent our values and set example. Bhiu says she is burdened with values. Radha says even she has to follow few things. They plan to go to the palace.

Bappa ji doubts on Balaji and tells that he will not leave the palace. He warns Balaji that it is easy to become Peshwa, but difficult to stay in the same position. Balaji thanks him for the warning.

Malhar tells Baji that he wants to talk to him about Chandrasen. Baji says he wants to talk to baba first. Malhar says I want to talk to you about Chandrasen. He tells Baji that Chandrasen is instigating and provoking sainiks against Shahu ji. He says I didn’t oppose else he would have done something. He says I reached here with much difficulty. Baji says Chandrasen killed Dhana ji and shows the ring. He says he will tell Balaji. Malhar asks what is the proof and tells that Chandrasen is a clever man and if you proves wrong then don’t know what he will do. Baji asks what shall I do then. Malhar says you have to do everything cleverly and asks him to bring his truth infront of everyone in such a way that Chandrasen is speechless. Baji determines to expose him before Shahu ji.

Radha, Chimna and Bhiu come to the Palace and meets Balaji. Baji comes and hugs Radha. Bhiu asks Balaji if he will wear more big turban now and asks why there is arrangements for the shapath/oath and says I take oath just like that Aayi Shapath. Radha asks Balaji, how is he? She says Dhana ji was like our father and gives condolences. Balaji is sad on losing Dhana ji and says Shahu ji has kept responsibility on my shoulder, and I don’t know if I could handle it. Radha tells that she knows that he can handle the position well. ShivBai sees Radha and thinks she don’t believe that she has to greet her. She says you have become Peshwa’s wife. Radha says there is a God in everyone and whoever does namaskar is bending down infront of God and that person don’t become small. Kashi greets her hearing this. Radha smiles. Shivbai takes her.

Shahu ji comes and sits on the singhasan and says Peshwa, Sena pati and others will take oath. He asks Peshwa Balaji to take oath first. Baji smiles.

Peshwa Bajirao 8th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Shahu ji asks Chandrasen to take the oath. Baji stops him and says he has killed his father Dhana ji. Everyone is shocked.