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Peshwa Bajirao 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 7th March 2017 Watch Online Episode HD on

Peshwa Bajirao 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Recap : Aurangzeb says I am glad that I haven’t done any stupidity and gives responsibility to Qamer Uddin and Kam Baksh to ruin Marathis. Kam Baksh and Qamer uddin think to snatch everything from other another. Gotiya tells Baji that one pot is broken. They think to hide it so that Kumars don’t feel bad. Then they see all pots broken….Baji looks at the persons hitting on the pots.

Peshwa Bajirao 7th March 2017 Written Episode Update Start with Baji asking Gotiya to wait there and tells that whoever has broken the pots must be here. He loudly tells Gotiya that he will bring more pots and goes there. He sees Balu breaking the pots and catch him. He asks what is your enmity with the kumars and asks him to beat him if he wants. Balu hits him. Baji smiles. Gotiya comes covers his head with a big utensil. Balu shouts and asks for help. Baji and Gotiya make Balu stand in the hole. Balu gets scared and asks him to save him from black ants. Baji puts something near the ants. Balu asks him to save him. Baji asks him to think how he felt when he couldn’t see anything when his head was stuck in pot and asks how did you feel when nobody can hear you. He says the kumars are blind and deaf and you have broken their pots. He says

if these ants bite you then it will be your punishment. Balu says he is repenting and asks Baji to save him. Baji asks Gotiya to put jaggery in Balu’s clothes if he troubles him, till 100 pots are made.
Tara Rani Bai tells Dhana ji that Aurangzeb must be shaken up after they won Bhairav garh and asks him to get info about Mughals. She gives work to Pant Pratiniti and arrangements work to Balaji. Balaji says okay. Tara Rani Bai tells Balaji that she wants to talk to him. She says I heard that Shiva Raze is learning so much from you, being afraid of your kada. Balaji tells that he used to fear bittergourd kada in his childhood.

Kumars make 100 pots and gift one to Gotiya and Baji. Baji says we have completed our task. Gotiya rejoices happily. Radha comes and twists Gotiya’s neck for bunking his paathshaala. Baji tells her that 100 pots are ready and asks what she will teach him. Radha says you have learnt today’s learning and thanks Kumars. Baji tells that Kumars fought with each others, but he didn’t leave positivity. She says positive person never bring negativity in his mind. She says a negative thinking can burn a person’s 1000’s dreams and says Swaraj’s yudh will be long, and people may not be ready to hear you. She asks him not to leave positivity. Baji asks what you will teach me tomorrow. Radha says you will know tomorrow and asks Gotiya to attend paathshaala. Kumars tells Radha that even they have learnt from her and says we got positivity and unity among us. He asks how you will teach other learning. Radha says God will show me the way.

Kam Baksh tells Aurangzeb that he has chosen mughal soldier to enter Satara in disguise of Marathi soldier. Aurangzeb tells that he wants to pray for the war.

Baji and his friend come to the farm. Radha says you all have come here to learn the teaching. She tells about the tree and says Vishnu, Brahma and Mahesh stay in the tree. He says you have to catch the leaves falling down from the tree in the pot and asks him to stop them from falling down.

Gotiya tells Baji that a leaf is falling. Baji catches the leaf and says what to do now? Radha says you have to stay here all day and catch all the leaves. Bhiu asks why you makes great man do all the work and asks if you will make chutney with the leaves. Radha says no and tells that she will make chutney of her talks. Baji catches the leaves in the tokri. He says I wonder why Aayi asked me to catch the leaves. Baji says I am fed up of catching leaves and thinks when will evening come. Gotiya says I will meet you in the evening. Bhiu says she is hungry and asks Chimna to take him. Later in the evening, Radha does puja and asks Baji if you have done the task. Baji says he has catched all the leaves and asks her to teach him another learning. Radha asks him to put the leaves in the fire. Baji is shocked.

Bhiu asks why you made my Bhau catch the leaves, if you want to burn them. Radha asks Baji to do as she said. Baji burns the leaves and asks her to teach him another learning. Radha says when you bring leaves again, then I will teach you. Bhiu says same work again. Baji is upset.

In the morning, Radha wakes up Baji as she throws water on his face. She asks where is your positivity. Baji says I thought your teaching will be interesting, but you turn out to be Guruji’s Guru. Baji comes to the farm again withhis friends.

Peshwa Bajirao 8th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Baji falls down or sleeps while leaves fall down. Someone comes there.

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