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Peshwa Bajirao 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Peshwa Bajirao 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Shahu ji wishes he would have seen Chandrasen’s real face before. Baji feels bad for not being able to Save Dhana ji. Balaji says if Chandrasen would have betrayed them big in the war place. Radha thinks of ShivBai, Bappa ji’s taunts. She says whatever we do, but we will be different from everyone. Pandit ji comes and says your son and husband are different and asks her to show her position infront of people. He says man can be a big politician, but his wife shall make her ties with the people. Radha asks what I shall do? He asks her to keep puja at home and invite the people of Saswad to show that they stay in ordinary place, but is extraordinary. Radha nods. He blesses her.

Shahu ji tells Balaji that Shiva Raze will attack them. Bappa ji says you have agreed to a boy saying and says you would have attacked him when Dhana ji was alive. Shahu ji says he don’t wait for a chance, but he was thinking about his adarsh. Bappa ji says I have brought good sardaar for you thinking Balaji will propose my name for Peshwa, but that thing didn’t happen. Baji tells Malhar that he is taking advantage. Bappa ji says if I get Peshwa position then can break Sardars of Tara Rani Bai and bring them here. He says I am a good politics and says if you gives Peshwa position to an outsider plant then it will not work. Baji gets angry and says he will work. Balaji tells that he is ready to give his Peshwa turban for the country’s development

Shahu ji says if I lost trust on Balaji, then why our sardaars will trust me. He apologises to Bappa ji and says his Peshwa will be Balaji Vishwanath Bhat only. He makes Balaji wear turban of Peshwa and says this might be a position/prize for others, but this is a responsibility for you. He asks him not to leave his duty. He then tells Bappa ji that it is not that I don’t know your importance and says he thought to make him Pant Pratinidhi if Chandrasen haven’t done this. Bappa ji accepts his offer. Shahu ji tells Balaji that he needs a plan for the safety measures.

Bhiu is making rangoli. Radha likes it. Baji asks Radha why she is looking tensed. Radha says now she is Peshwa’s wife and everyone will not like if the arrangements is wrong. Baji asks since when you have thought about others’ thinking. Radha recalls people insulting her. Baji asks why she is making the Ayogan when she knows about Chandrasen’s doings. She asks him to let her handle his home and asks him to take care of nation.

Radha asks God to take care of her family. She tells her sons that after their father become Peshwa, people will try to lower his respect, but we have to help him being his family. She asks her sons to have oath and says our respect and prestige shall not be snatched by everyone and asks them to promise that they will do as she says. Chimna takes oath that he will do as she says. Baji takes oath that he will not ignore three orders in his life of his Aayi, baba and his inner soul. He says I will do work to increase my family’s respect. Radha lights the diya and hugs them. Gotiya comes there and asks Radha if she will hug her two sons only. He introduces namrata as her bahu. Baji says you didn’t wait for me to attend your marriage. Gotiya says I have married for Swaraj and says I thought to marry her and bring her to Satara. He says now I have come to help Baji. Baji says you are very clever and says it seems our family is complete now. All kids hug Radha.

Everyone do puja as Pandit ji does aarti and play shank. Shiv Bai taunts Mahant ji and says they have step ahead of us. He moves to front. Someone praises Bhiu’s rangoli. Kashi smiles.

Irritated Shivbai takes her. Bappa ji asks Balaji if he can keep sena on his side like he made Shahu ji to his side. Someone says you said right.


Peshwa Bajirao 12th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kashi and Baji have an argument. Kashi asks what you would have replied to my mum. Shahu ji proposes Baji’s marriage with Kashi. Mahant ji and Balaji are shocked.