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Peshwa Bajirao 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 9th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Peshwa Bajirao 9th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Gotiya telling Parshu that they have to hide their hands from Baji, else he will be diverted from his learning and mission. He says we can’t tell him that Guru ji have beaten us. Chimna says I salute you, you are real friend of Baji. Radha comes and asks what they are speaking? They tell that he was speaking about the drama. Radha says she will see surely.

Baji comes home and says he brought the tree leaves. He says he really enjoyed to catch the leaves and don’t know when sun sets. He writes on the slate…and shows to Radha. Radha sees Utsa…interest, enjoyment. Baji says we shall always light the fire of our wish daily. He says someone taught him this. Radha gets glad and hugs him. His friends are happy too.

Aurangzeb plans to blast neighboring village. Qamer Uddin says Saswad…he says we will blast it. Aurangzeb plans to attack Saswad and then attack Tara Rani Bai’s kingdom.

Radha asks who taught you this? Baji tells her that Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj came in his dream and told him katha. Gotiya says may be it was a ghost. Baji asks when you will teach me 4th learning. Radha says tomorrow is holiday for you, and tells that there is Chatrapati Shivaji’s birthday. She says holiday for you all….Everyone rejoices.

Kam Baksh tells his soldier Shamsher that he has promised Aurangzeb that he will give him victory, and asks him to go to Satara. He asks him not to let Qamer Uddin win and prove him wrong. He says Qamer Uddin will try to make Marathi Sardaar come on his side and says I need you to make him lose. He asks him to go and choose soldiers for attack.

Baji tells Gotiya that he can’t act infront of everyone on stage. Gotiya says he will help him and says if you can’t become Chatrapati Shivaji in play then I will become. Baji looks on. Baji’s friends argue and tells that they will become Chatrapati Shivaji. Bhiu comes dressed as a marathi’s rani. Baji smiles looking at her dress. Bhiu says she is a mum. Radha comes and says whoever has written this, shall become Chatrapati maharaj. She says it is not only drama, but it is our tribute to him. Bhiu asks questions. Radha says everyone will get inspired from him. Chimna says he will become Chatrapati Shivaji.

Qamer Uddin tells Parveen that she is the best weapon to defeat enemies and says even Balaji will be defeated. He asks her to kill Balaji and then make Kam Baksh’s soldiers fail and then kill Tara Rani Bai. She says you will be succeeded.

Baji calls Chimna. Chimna asks him to say Shriman Chimna ji Saheb. Baji explains the scene. Chimna ji as Chatrapati Shivaji’s tells Bhiu ( who is playing his mum Jija Bai mata in the play) that he is going. Bhiu blesses him. Baji and his friends promises to eradicate Mughals from their land. Radha gets emotional.

Later they see Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s statue in their area as he is being honored on his birthday. Baji is happy. Balu tells that he is playing Chatrapati Shivaji in the play. Baji asks him not to come here tomorrow and threatens to slap him. He says you can’t become Chatrapati shivaji maharaj’s reflection also. Guru ji comes. Balu says he is troubling me. Guru ji says he will not understand and blames Baji. Chimna and Bhiu take Baji’s side. Guru ji is irked and says if he takes everyone’s lives then also you people and your Aayi will not say anything. Radha comes and asks what happened? Guru ji says why he is objecting when I wants to make Balu as Chatrapati Shivaji. Radha says yes, and says if Baji forgot his responsibility, then it is your responsibility to ask him why he doesn’t want Balu to act as Chatrapati Shivaji. Baji says he don’t want to answer. Everyone looks on.


Peshwa Bajirao 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mughals plan attack on Saswad. Baji tells his friends that Mughals can’t do anything and the place will have flowers all around.

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