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Peshwa Bajirao 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Peshwa Bajirao 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Prabhakar Rao and his soldiers making Baji take a dip in the water. Malhar looks on angry. Dhana ji asks where you are going? Balaji says he seems to be unwell and thinking that he has eaten something wrong in food. The soldiers push Baji inside the water. Malhar comes to his rescue. Chandrasen says if you help Baji then you will not be saved. They take his clothes and asks him to come out naked if he wants his clothes. Malhar looks upset. Balaji thinks to reach Shahu before Dhana ji. Malhar talks to Malhari and asks him to help and save Baji. Malhari takes Baji’s clothes and gives to him. Baji wears his clothes and comes out of water. He thinks whatever Prabhakar Rao have done, he has to pay for the deeds.

Rajasvi tells Radha that she is Tara Rani Bai’s sautan. She says she heard her talks with Tara Rani Bai and says I can understand your pain. She says you are in Tara Rani Bai’s captivity since few days, but my son and I are in her captivity since years. She says you don’t know what she can do. Radha says your son Samba must be like her son to her. Rajasvi says no, and tells that Tara Rani is dangerous and can kill your husband if he don’t oblige to her. Chimna and Bhiu come there and tell that they have work there. Radha thinks what he might have thought? Dhana ji calls Balaji and says he has risked his family’s life also.

Prabhakar Rao and others are having food. They tell that this food is worse than enemy attack. Baji is having food and relishes the taste. Prabhakar asks how can he eat it happily. Baji says this churan changes the taste. Prabhakar Rao snatches it from his hand and eats it. He says it is dust/soil. Baji says he has managed to keep his sanskriti and also made him taste the dust. Everyone laughs. Chandrasen comes there and says you have given poison to adhikari. Baji says poison and says I can eat it. Chandrasen says nobody will bother if you die. Malhar says even though Prabhakar Rao is on big position than him, but his deeds are small. Chandrasen says he will punish Baji and asks Malhar to hurt him so as his soul gets hurt. He says today both of them cry, and says if you refuse then I will make your face worse so that even your Aayi can’t identify your face. Baji asks Malhar to attack him.

Malhar refuses to attack Baji and says our friendship is stopping my hand. Baji gives him promise of their friendship and gives him rod. Malhar cries and hits him. Baji asks him to hit him. Baji recalls his mum. Chandrasen and Prabhakar smiles. Baji recalls Balaji’s words. Chandrasen thinks I have snatched his family. Now I will snatched his friends also. Radha talks to Rajasvi, and tells that she knows her husband and knows that he loves his country more and will surely save Shahu ji. She says if this happens then….Rajasvi asks her to help her and promises to help her.

Balaji sees Shahu ji sitting and is about to go to him, when Mughal man attacks him. He sees Shahu ji and thinks he has to go to meet Shahu ji. He sees Shahu ji sitting and is about to go to him, when Mughal soldier attacks him. Shahu ji runs to him. Shahu ji asks who are you? Mughal man says he is a Marathi and came to kill you. He says Azam said right that your own people will kill you. Shahu ji sees him fainted. Chandrasen makes plan to attack Kam Baksh. Baji is applying lep to his back. Malhar comes to him and tries to applies ointment when Chandrasen kicks him. Malhar falls down and says he has followed his order and is following order of his friendship. Baji sees Chandrasen taking out the hunter and slaps Malhar. Malhar is shocked.


Peshwa Bajirao 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Dhana ji tells Shahu ji that he can’t be Chatrapati Shivaji’s grand son and may be his imposter, whom he will kill. He takes the sword and attacks him. Balaji looks on.

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