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Piya Albela 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update


Piya Albela 10th August 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Anuj waiting for Pooja. Satish asks him not to worry and says she will come. Harsha comes with Rakesh to celebrate the festival. She asks about Harish. Supriya says he is unwell, so that’s why she didn’t bring him here. Neelima taunts Supriya and says Harish will not come without gifts and says you can’t afford even an envelope. Pooja thinks Anuj might be waiting for her. Naren brings Anuj there. Pooja gets happy seeing him and ties him rakhi. He gifts her saree. Pooja thinks to get same gift to Harish for Harsha. Supriya is crying and telling that they can’t afford to gift anything to Harsha. Pooja comes there and says they will gift Bua ji and asks her to accept the saree for Bua. She says although our thinking is not same, but our motive is same. Harish comes there.

Harsha ties him rakhi. Harish gifts her saree.. Harsha likes it. Surbhi thinks Pooja might have given him and thinks she lost the chance.

Naren gets his day’s salary and thinks to give it to Pooja. Lady employee comes there and tells Naren that she is unwell, if she had a brother then he would have get her treated. Naren gets emotional and asks her to tie rakhi. Lady ties rakhi. Naren gives her his salary as a gift. Rahul thinks goodness is not good as the lady is planted by him. Naren comes home and tells that he gave his salary to a needy lady. Pooja asks if he checked that she is genuinely unwell and saying truth, asks him to go back and get his money. Naren goes to office and hears lady having drink with other employees and making fun of Naren while praising herself to fool him. Naren is shocked and asks her never to make fun of someone’s emotions and asks her to return his money. Lady says she has spent it.

Naren says he will file Police complaint. Her friends ask her to return the money. She returns the money. Naren calls Pooja and tells her that she was right and that the lady was fraud. Pooja gives call to Supriya. Supriya gets happy knowing he is bringing his salary and asks her to bring gajra for Pooja and make the moment special. Supriya asks Harish to come and says they are going to hospital for check up. Harish says ok, he will freshen up. Supriya tells Pooja that she is taking Harish out so that she can spend sometime with Naren. Pooja says it is not needed. Supriya says ups and downs are part of life and asks her to take her love to sky without any hesitations. She asks her to get ready well and gives her saree so that her jogi son couldn’t keep his eyes off her. Pooja gets tensed. Neelima thinks where they are going.

He sees Naren bringing gajra for pooja and says I hope your Chacha would have been romantic. She thinks now she understands that Supriya is worried about Naren’s love life. Naren comes to pooja and gives his salary in her hand. Pooja gets happy and asks him to handover salary in Supriya’s hand when she comes back. Naren tells her that he bought gift for his wife from his first salary. Pooja thinks about Satish’s words. Naren makes her wear gajra. Jogiya song plays……He asks if she liked the gift. Pooja says she will do kitchen work a nd come. She goes to kitchen and thinks to stay away from him.


Piya Albela 11th August 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naren lifts Pooja and is taking her to room. Surbhi gets jealous and cries.


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