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Piya Albela 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Piya Albela 16th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Rachel reading in the newspaper that a man’s family got him admitted in the hospital proving him mad and he committed suicide due to frustration. Pooja thinks of Naren and gets shocked. She snatches newspaper and gets tensed. She tells Satish that she will do breakfast in her room and goes.

Naren is in his room after punishing himself. Supriya comes there. Naren thinks Pooja came. Seeing Supriya, he gets angry. Pooja thinks to call Naren. Anuj takes the phone and asks what is the matter? He asks her to forget the family and do a new job. Pooja says they are good people. Anuj asks her to become his old Pooja ji, else he will feel guilty. He asks her to promise and deletes their contact numbers for him. Pooja deletes their contact numbers and gets teary eyes. Naren is still punishing himself.

Harish meets Guru ji and says I have sent that girl far away from Naren and asks if I have done wrong. Guru ji says whatever you have done is for your son, and says no person can be good at all times. He says whoever is perfect can’t be human. He says whatever you have done is for Naren’s betterment and you shall not have any doubts. Neelima hears him and smirks.

Mayank gives invite from mahila samithi to Naren and says you have tried to make the children’s life better and that’s why they want to give you award. He says this became possible as Pooja lied. Servant comes. Mayank asks him to go home as his son is unwell. Servant goes home. Mayank tells Naren that he lied to Manoj to stop him from falling down the table. He tells that Pooja lied for children’s betterment. Supriya says if Naren is getting award then it will be for his achievements. She tells him that Pooja didn’t leave the job, but was fired. Naren is shocked and asks whom? Papa. Supriya nods. Naren looks on angrily.

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Pooja comes to give her interview. Interviewer checks her resume and says nice. Naren comes to meet Harish at Guru ji’s place. Neelima and Rahul are already sitting there. Harish says you both are here? He introduces them to Guru ji. Naren asks why did you kick Pooja out. Harish says she was not needed anymore. Naren says she was a helper and asks did you ask mom once. Harish reminds him of the contract clause. Naren says why did you do this, when you have brought her here. Harish says I kicked her out. Guru ji asks Naren to talk calmly. Supriya asks him not to interfere. Harish scolds her. Naren says I don’t want to argue and says I am bringing Pooja now, asks him not to tell about the contract. Pooja tells that she wants job outside Dehradun and Hrishikesh. He asks her to go to Delhi for the job. Neelima and Rahul ask Guru ji to take Naren to math and says if Pooja comes here, then she won’t let you Naren go with you to math (embracing sanyas). Guru ji asks them not to worry and says Pooja is going far from him and tells that he will take Naren from under their nose.

Pooja tells that she is leaving now as she has to join tomorrow. Rachel thinks she gets job easily and fast, have to learn her nuance. Pooja is in the bus. Naren is driving his bike and coming to Dehradun. Pooja bends down to pick her phone. Naren sees her and calls her name asking her to stop the bus. Pooja asks him to return. Naren stops his bike infront of bus. He gets inside the bus and asks her to come. Pooja asks him to return and says I can’t come with you, as I got a job in Delhi. Naren says you will not work there. Pooja asks driver to start the bus and says we can’t stay in one place. She asks him to drive. Malanga Re plays……Pooja is sad.

“Zid ki aadat hoti sabhi ko
Bas kaaran alag hai hota
Khud ki zid hamesha suhaye
Phir doosrun ka kyun khalta”

(everyone is habituated to be stubborn,
But reasons are always different
Likes own’s stubbornness
Then why dislikes others’ stubborness)



Piya Albela 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naren says you can’t go like this and runs after the bus. Rahul sees Pooja’s resume and says what will happen to you.

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Piya Albela Details

Piyaa Albela is an Indian soap opera that is produced by Rajshri Productions and broadcast on Zee TV every Mon-Fri at 08:30 pm IST. (4:30PM PT) The show focusses on a love story which is the modern retelling of the love story of Menaka and Vishwamitra.


Sheen Dass
Tushar Khanna
Vijay Kalvani
Akshay Mhatre
Ankit Vyas
Avinash Wadhawan
Jyoti Gauba
Parul Chaudhary
Rohan Rai

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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