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Piya Albela 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Piya Albela 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Neelima asking Supriya to go to Mumbai to attend their client Desai’s son wedding. Supriya says how we can go leaving Naren and pooja alone. Neelima says Pooja is not new and asks her to get Harish checked with a good cardiologist. Supriya says she will talk to Harish. Neelima says she got morning tickets booked and asks her not to think. Rahul appreciates Rakesh for targeting at Naren’s heart and says you are romantic. He says 100 crores is ours now. Neelima says he will hit axe on his leg. Pooja thinks she got message from Supriya that they are going to Mumbai. She looks for Naren’s pic and thinks he might be waiting for her message and is upset with her. She thinks to send him many messages. She sends him message that she loves him very much. Rahul comes there and thinks Bhai has gone mad. Naren thinks to call Pooja.

Just then Rahul comes there and asks the reason about his happiness. Naren says he asked Pooja to give him gift, and she just gave. Rahul says in message.. He asks him not to send pots to her again and asks him to gift her something which will stay with her for forever. He shows the brochures of a property on highway and says booking amount is 25 thousand. He says he is booking for Surbhi. Naren asks why Pooja needs this house.

Rahul says it is husband’s duty to secure his wife’s life. Naren recalls Satish’s words that he wants to be sure that his heart will always be on Pooja. Pooja calls him. Rahul doesn’t let him pick the call and gives him blank cheque to sign. Pooja thinks why he is not picking the call. Naren is about to sign on the cheque. Suddenly the pot breaks at Pooja’s place. She gets worried and thinks something wrong is going to happen. Rahul shows the cheque to Neelima and Rakesh. Rakesh says very soon 100 crores will be ours. Naren rejects Pooja’s call and thinks to take her to show surprise. Surbhi talks to her mum Shilpa and tells her that Rahul refused to come to New York. Shilpa says he is not Naren and asks her to handle him wisely. Surbhi sees Naren taking Dadaji’s blessing and telling that he is going to bring her beautiful flower home. Surbhi says you are right now, I have to handle Rahul my way.

Rachel talks to Kusum and says bad thing happened with Pooja. She says everyone is laughing on us and saying that he made garden outside our house in just 4 days of marriage. She says he shall stay in a wonder house. Pooja hears her and says whoever don’t understand him talks such things and says my husband loves me very much. Kusum says we have to stay here in this neighborhood and this is not love, but madness. Naren comes to Pooja’s house in night. He sees someone’s reflection and thinks Pooja is in the room. He uses rope to get inside the room. Luckily Pooja is inside the room, sees Naren and tries to help him get in the room. Ritu sees Naren and thinks thief have come. She informs everyone that thief is here.

Pooja asks why did you come so late at night. Everyone go to Pooja’s room along with neighbors. Neighbors taunt them. Satish and Kusum scold Naren. Naren says sorry and says today he came to surprise pooja. He says he has booked a house for Pooja to secure her future. She says this house will be on Pooja’s house and you all can stay there whenever you like. They get impress with him. Pooja recalls Satish asking her to keep distance from Naren for two weeks and gets tensed.

Rahul says he went to show the dreams of house to Pooja. Neelima says that house will never be built. Rahul tells that zero has no value, but it will change Harish’s destiny. Neelima smirks. He adds zeroes and says now 25000 will be 25 crores, and says how bhabhi ji will save her husband and inlaws.

Pooja says now I understood why you were not picking my call. She acts to be upset with him. Naren looks at her and says I am seeing if you can act well to be upset. Pooja smiles and says she is really upset. Jogiya plays…Naren says from today he will not give her a chance to be upset and says this will be your dream house. Pooja says our dream house…..Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage plays……He looks at her lovingly. Pooja feels shy.

Next morning, Satish is tensed. Pooja thinks how to tell Naren that he has to go alone even today. Naren asks Satish if he can take Pooja now and assures her security. Kusum comes and says you can take her back, what she will do here. She says if Pooja stays here then you will enter here as thief and will cut our nose infront of neighbors. Naren apologizes. Satish asks Naren to let her stay with him for 2-4 days. Kusum says you are saying as if she is going to mangal grah and asks Pooja to pack her bags.

In the room, Satish tells Pooja that he was stopping her as he is worried about her and Naren. He asks her to keep his trust and asks not to tell anyone. Pooja asks if he is hiding something from her.

(There is No poetry lines at the end of episode)


Piya Albela 27th July 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Naren and Pooja are riding the cycle on the road while looking lost in each other eyes. Suddenly a car comes from opposite side. Naren is shocked.