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Piya Albela 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Piya Albela 27th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Neelima asking Pooja to go with Naren very far. Pooja says she will convince Naren to marry Surbhi. Neelima says it is not that easy and asks her to tell her if she needs her help to elope with Naren and says she will do all the arrangements. She goes. Naren comes back. Pooja asks him to go home and apologize to Surbhi for his misbehavior. Naren says I didn’t do anything as such. Pooja says Surbhi wants your attention and asks him to go and give some peace to her. Naren says fine and says he will not come even if she calls him and walks out.

Doctor Anand checks Satish and says he is recovering fast. He tells that Pooja is superb and scolded him to bring him to hospital. He says she has to take me for Pizza date as I left my pizza and came here. Guru ji comes and asks Satish how is he feeling now. Satish says I want to get Pooja married soon and hopes he finds a good guy for her. Guru ji says he has Dr. Anand in mind. Anuj thanks Doctor. Dr. Anand says it is ok. He sees Pooja coming and smiles, but turns his face and continues to stare her. He thinks if he is falling in love with her.

Naren being angry on Pooja, thinks to take Surbhi out all day. He apologizes to her and asks her to get ready for shopping. Surbhi forgives him. Rahul says Surbhi will not have shopping.

Satish tells pooja that Doctor told him that she scolded him. Pooja says what she would have done else. She says Dr. Anand is a nice guy. Guru ji thinks aim hit the target. Naren brings Surbhi to shopping mall and asks her to shop. Surbhi asks Naren to help her select the dress. Rahul is also there. Naren sends message to Pooja saying he came for shopping with Surbhi and having fun. Pooja replies that she is happy for both of them. He hears two men telling that there is a camera in the trial room. Naren hears them and goes to trial room and asks Surbhi to come out. He asks all ladies to come out. He calls manager and catches those men. They refuse to install camera there. Surbhi asks Naren why he is embarrassing her because of his ego. Naren says Pooja would have understood me if she was on your place. Surbhi goes.

Guru ji comes to Dr. Anand’s house and tells that he brought pooja’s alliance for him. Dr. Anand smiles. Naren calls pooja. Kusum asks her not to pick the call and reminds her that Naren is going to be married soon and asks if she wants to be called as second woman. She asks her to break her friendship with Naren. Pooja says we are just good friends. Kusum asks her to decide within 3 days.

She asks why you want to come between Naren and that girl. Pooja says I can’t think of coming between them. Kusum asks her to marry to keep Naren away. Pooja says she will get Naren and Surbhi married, but she herself can’t marry anyone in her life. Kusum asks if she will become jogan. Pooja says may be it is her destiny and she will never marry. Naren is disturbed and thinks why Pooja is not picking my calls. Surbhi says lets go home. Rahul smirks.

Pooja thinks about Kusum’s words and thinks to convince Naren to marry Surbhi, and thinks she can’t marry anybody else. Guru ji asks when I shall take alliance to your parents. Dr. Anand says I will decide and will figure out what is in her heart. Surbhi argues with Naren and asks him to stop comparing her with Pooja. She badmouths about Pooja and says she is using you. Naren asks her to mind her language. Surbhi asks him to decide between Pooja and her. Naren looks on.


Piya Albela 28th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Satish tells pooja that Guru ji took her alliance for Dr. Anand. Pooja is shocked. Naren brings Surbhi to hall and pushes her. Yash holds her. Naren declares that he can’t marry her.