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Piya Albela 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Piya Albela 3rd May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Naren scolding Pooja for wasting time and says you have many excuses not to study and smiling. He says you shall be punished and asks her to stand there holding her ears. Pooja looks on. Naren says I am serious. She holds her hand and smiles. Kids laugh. Naren asks them to be silent. Pujari says it happens between husband and wife and says you will soon get accustomed to these arguments. Naren says I don’t understand what you are telling. Pujari says you will get habitual to knok jhok. Pooja throws chalk piece on Gudiya. Gudiya asks the boy why did he hit her. Boy refuses. They argue. Naren asks Gudiya and other kids to keep quiet and concentrate on studies. Pujari ji asks Naren if he needs anything. Pooja says nothing. Naren says what he was saying? Pooja says he was missing his wife and says you will not understand this. She says they shall give meals break to kids. Naren gives them break. Pooja asks him to have food and says it needs for health. Naren says you have a slow progress and needs to study.

Mayank is having sandwiches and thinks Pooja makes good food. Mishra ji comes and gives to him saying he sold few things in market. Mayank says now we don’t have to wait for insurance to make shed. Mayank smells flowers and wishes to give to Pooja. Gudiya comes to Naren and complains about some boys who were saying that she will have to dance when grown up and made her fall. Naren says they shall teach self defence to kids. Pooja says she will teach them karate, and then realizes and tells that what is in that to do. Naren says he will hire teacher for that. Pooja says Mayank can help us. She calls Mayank from Naren’s phone. Mayank thinks Naren called and tells that he is stuck in the farm because of Pooja. Pooja makes sound to make him realize that she is on call and asks him to come to Rang gali. Mayank is tensed. Satish feels restless and thinks to call Pooja.

Harish declares that he has decided to make Rakesh as head of the company and says no work in the office will progress without his signatures. He says all employees shall report Rakesh babu, and asks everyone to co-operate. Hardik, Neelima and Rahul are shocked and upset. Harsha asks Harish to tell Rakesh that she will rule on him. Rakesh says when did I say? I am used to your rule. Harsha says we all shall sit for sometime.

Pooja tells kids that Mayank will teach them karate. Mayank gives money to Naren and says it is farm’s first earrings. Pooja says it seems farm’s fruits and flowers were sold at good price. Naren sees flower and asks why did you bring it. Mayank says I brought it for you, I love you so much and hugs him. Pooja smiles. Mayank gives his clothes. Neelima asks Harish, how can he make head to anybody. Harish says he is our family member and I can make any person, head of the company and asks what is her problem? Neelima says she has objection as Rahul and Hardik work harder for the company and you want them to report to Rakesh babu. She asks him to sidelined her family. Harish says he is doing this for betterment and reminds her that he made the company on his own and Hardik joined later on and Rahul joined 2 years back. Neelima takes her son’s side and says today’s kids roams in gali/streets. Harish gets angry. Neelima goes.

Satish thinks where is Pooja and thinks she is not picking the call. He thinks to ask Naren and go to Rang Gali. Mayank trains the kids, Pooja and Rang gali women about self defence. He comes to Pooja and asks her to punch him. Pooja punches him. Mayank says you are a fast learner. Naren says she needs to learn more.

Harish gets a call and tells Supriya that there is a call from New York. He picks the call and greets Bhola Babu and asks him to send Amma’s flight details. He says Naren is waiting for Amma eagerly and ends the call. He tells Naren have to face the challenge. Naren writes the school stuff to be brought for kids. Pooja says she will buy the stuff from a dealer and asks him to give money. Naren asks how you will manage. Pujari ji asks him to leave work for wife. Naren is shocked.

“Acha Socho Toh Hota Acha
Bure Soch Ka Muqaam Bura
Apni Soch Badal Ke Dekho
Zindagi Ka Hi Hoga Bhala…”

(If you think positive then good things will happen, negative/bad thinking have bad place, change your thinking and see, life will get better)

Malanga Re plays…


Piya Albela 4th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Satish comes to the temple and says he couldn’t talk to Pooja. He gets a heart attack and faints. Naren holds him. Kusum comes to the temple and asks about Naren. Pooja sees Kusum and gets tensed.

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Piya Albela Details

Piyaa Albela is an Indian soap opera that is produced by Rajshri Productions and broadcast on Zee TV every Mon-Fri at 08:30 pm IST. (4:30PM PT) The show focusses on a love story which is the modern retelling of the love story of Menaka and Vishwamitra.


Sheen Dass
Tushar Khanna
Vijay Kalvani
Akshay Mhatre
Ankit Vyas
Avinash Wadhawan
Jyoti Gauba
Parul Chaudhary
Rohan Rai

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Zee TV| Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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