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Piya Albela 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

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Piya Albela 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Pooja telling Naren that she can’t wait anymore and says she might get taxi or lift. Naren says bike will be repaired soon. Dr. Anand comes to Satish’s house with his parents. Guru ji asks Kusum to call Pooja. Kusum says she will call Pooja and asks Anuj to serve samosas to them till then. She asks where is Pooja? Anuj says she is in kitchen and making breakfast for you. Kusum gets relieved. Pooja is in kitchen thinks she came back at the right time and recalls leaving from there without telling Naren. She brings tea tray. Dr. Anand’s parents are shocked to see her. Pooja also recalls seeing them last night. Naren comes home. Supriya introduces Yash’s wife Shilpa to Naren. Shilpa says I scolded Surbhi, and now you don’t have to make any changes in your room. Supriya and Naren goes. Shilpa says he is a bhola bhandari, and says I will handle him and he will leave with you to Newyork.

Dr. Anand’s mum gets up and tells that she saw Pooja with someone walking on road under an umbrella. Satish says this is a misunderstanding. Dr. Anand’s mum tells that she had tea with someone. Pooja is silent. Dr. Anand’s mum tells that she is guilty. Dr. Anand realizes it is true. Pooja says he wants to tell something. Dr. Anand says he asked Pooja to visit temple. He says sorry to Mama ji. Pooja is upset and goes. Satish asks them to sit. Pooja asks Anand why did he lie? Dr. Anand says nothing will change with one lie and says there is nothing wrong if you are practical.

Rakesh comes home. Mayank asks him if Satish agreed for his marriage with Pooja. Rakesh tells him that Pooja refused to marry you. When I gave your marriage proposal, she started laughing heavily and asks who marries a joker. Harsha and Mayank are shocked.

Pooja says when they will meet Naren? What you will tell? Dr. Anand tells that he will lie? Pooja says Naren hates lies. Mayank is shocked and says Pooja can’t say this. She gave me signal that she loves me. Harsha says she played Mohini’s game. Rakesh says I was surprised as she told me that you are not suitable for marriage. Mayank is shocked and recalls his moments with Pooja. He goes. Rakesh asks Mayank to leave him and says his heart is broken. Harsha says she will not let Pooja enter this house. Mayank breaks Pooja’s photo frames and asks why did you sign me that you love me, and took my advantage, cries.

Dr. Anand’s mum informs Satish that they want marriage to be good. Dr. Anand tells them that Pooja and he will get married in Vyas Mansion. His mum asks why? Satish says they are like family to Pooja and says her bidaai will happen from his house only. Surbhi and Harish plan to give guest house to Pooja’s family etc. Shilpa tells Surbhi that she has to bear 3 mum in law and that’s why she was against joint family. Surbhi says she will adjust for 2-3 days. Yash says marriage shall be grand. Shilpa says yes, and says Naren and Surbhi are our only kids.

Harsha comes there and asks Harish if he wants her to attend this marriage. Harish asks what you are saying? Harsha tells that if Pooja enters this house then she will not attend Naren’s marriage along with Mayank. Rakesh comes and asks Harsha not to ruin the environment. Harish says it was Naren’s wish to get Pooja married from this house. Surbhi asks Harsha to sit and asks if she will not bless them because of Pooja. Harsha says she will attend Naren and her marriage, but will not visit Pooja’s function place. Rahul says Surbhi’s marriage function shall be grand, and asks why we shall spend on that girl’s marriage. Hardik says yes and says you shall not spend a single penny on Pooja.

Naren comes and says surely. He hugs Hardik and says you are saying right. He says there will be no useless expenses in Pooja or my marriage. There will be no decoration etc. Everyone is shocked. Yash says this is the first marriage in his house. Naren says they can feed the poor rather than wasting money in lavish wedding. Shilpa says Naren’s thinking is good. Neelima tells Harsha that she is sure that this is Mohini’s idea, and she will come with her band baaja.

Pooja and her family come to Vyas Mansion. Guru ji comes with them. Harish gets glad and thanks him for coming. Naren calls Pooja and takes her to side. He asks if she is stressed and asks her not to take stress and says there will be no comparison among their families. Mayank sees Pooja coming and thinks you came to this maskara’s house.


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