Piya Albela 9th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Kusum seeing Naren in Pooja’s room. Pooja says he came to just wish me. Kusum asks her to wear bangles and comes downstairs. She tells Naren that she is folding hands and asks him not to roam around their house until groom family is here. Naren assures her. Pooja is wearing bangles. Naren offers help and makes her have it. She says you will get busy soon, but before that we have to make Guru ji meet God, and asks if she will continue her job and then says don’t know where you will stay after marriage and asks if she will meet him after marriage.

Groom’s family come to see Pooja. Kusum asks Anuj to bring Pooja. Naren is looking at her from far. Pooja brings the plate thinking about Naren’s words and is about to fall down. Satish comes there and holds the tray. Naren is about to come, but stops. The groom’s family ask about Naren. Kusum says he is a servant. Satish says he came for job. Groom family ask him to come.

Hardik asks Harish to leave the MD position or divide the company and wealth. Rahul tells that people are saying that Harish Vyas is walking on his son’s footsteps while bringing him back. Mayank asks what you are saying? Rahul insults him and says you have no mind else you would have worked well on your start up. He tells Harsha that he knows that she loves Naren more than him and insults her too. Supriya asks him to apologize. Rahul refuses. Harsha says she could have been in limits and must not have come there. She says when the partition is happening, even she wants the share being daughter of the house. Supriya tells Harish that this is happening as he blindfolded himself and gave opportunity to others to break the house. Guru ji looks on. Kusum calls Pooja as Siddharth came. Pooja imagines Naren and is confused. Guy introduces himself. Pooja imagines Naren introducing himself. Kusum asks groom to sit.

Harish tells Guru ji that happiness is not in his destiny and says my entire family is against me, brother needs partition, sister needs share and asks what wrong did I do that I am facing insult. Guru ji says if Supriya would have been with you then this wouldn’t have happen. She says when she has lighted Akhand Jyoot against you then your defeat is sure. Harish says I don’t accept the defeat because of others and goes.

Pooja serves tea to Groom and imagines Naren. Groom’s mum asks him to sit. Harish comes and throws the Akhand jyoot. Supriya asks what did you do? Harish says what shall I do, shall I let you become reason of my defeat. Supriya says you are blinded by bad powers. Mayank asks him to listen to Mami. Harish slaps him and asks Supriya never to light the diya again infront of God. Supriya hugs Mayank and cries, says how to bring family together and says God made me lonely.

Groom’s mum asks Pooja if she can cook food and handle home. Sushma says she is good at handling home. She asks Pooja, if you could work well in house. Naren says Pooja is a hardworking girl and knows about tax and receipt also. Kusum and Sushma sign at each other. Satish tells that they shall let Pooja and Siddharth talk to each other. Siddharth asks Pooja about her qualification. Pooja says B.com from correspondence. She imagines Naren. Mayank tells Harsha that he is going to stay with Supriya and tells that she is very much hurt. Harsha tells that world is selfish and she learnt this late.

Satish asks Pooja to tell if she like Siddharth. Pooja looks on tensed thinking about Naren.


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