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Piya Albela: Angraj’s chapter going to end, Pooja joins anti-Naren brigade


Piya Albela: Pooja gets Rahul Surbhi Neelima into confidence mission revealed

In the upcoming twist of ZEE TV popular show Piya Albela loyal viewers will get to witness interesting twist as Pooja (Sheen Dass) joins anti-Naren brigade vows to end Angraj’s chapter.It seems Pooja wants to expose Angraj by hook or by crook and hence left with no other option she joins anti-Naren brigade which included Rahul Surbhi and Neelima.

Pooja fakes that she is joining their team as she wants to see revenge from Naren (Akshay Mhatre) over Anuj’s death.Pooja manages to get Rahul Surbhi and Neelima into confidence.Pooja will further play her trump card by turning self ugly so that Angraj lose out his cool and vomit the real truth before Supriya and Vyas family.

It would be really interesting to see if Pooja’s this master plan works or no.

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