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Piya Albela: Supriya tag Pooja mentally unstable Naren sacrifice Vyas Mansion (Upcoming Twist)

Naren irked with Supriya, Rahul and Surbhi in major fix


Piya Albela: Supriya turns selfish mother ready to sacrifice Pooja (Sheen Dass) for Naren’s (Ajshay Mhatre) benefit

In Zee TV’s show Piya Albela viewers will get to witness major confrontation amid Naren and Supriya over Pooja.Shockingly, Supriya lose out her cool and tags Pooja mentally unstable.This news does not get digested with Naren and back answers mother Supriya.Supriya gets firm with her decision and orders Naren to send Pooja to mental asylum for treatment.Naren gets shocked with Surpiya’s change in heart who forgot all the good deeds and major sacrifices that Pooja has done for Vyas family.

Naren irked with Supriya, Rahul and Surbhi in major fix

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Thus Naren gets irked with Supriya and decides to sacrifice Vyas Mansion for the betterment of Pooja.It would be really interesting to see if Rahul and Surbhi too let Naren leave Vyas Mansion along with Pooja.Will Naren be able to give Pooja a better life out of Vyas Mansion?

Let’s wait and watch.

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