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Piyaa Albela: Naren’s secure Pooja’s dignity Naren’s love awakens for Pooja


Pooja comes to stay in Vyas Mansion. Naren threatens her that her stay in Vyas Mansion will be torturous for her and he will not let her live peacefully. Pooja calls him selfish to see only his and his family’s pain and not seeing her pain. She says we have nothing left to talk between us. Naren pre-pones the interview to an early slot so that Vrat Savitri’s puja time doesn’t clash with the Interview time. He tries to ruin her speech and spills water on the paper. He tells her that her hard work is splashed by the water and she has to spend her night writing the speech again. Pooja checks the speech papers and teases him. She tells that he has ruined his own speech which is kept here. Naren is angry at her.

Naren and Pooja are up for some major war, Naren and Pooja’s personal war has got to political level.Naren and Pooja are both chasing CM position and are against each other over family war.Pooja has come back to Vyas mansion for Dadaji and now Naren puts a challenge infront of Pooja.Pooja and Naren’s face off,Pooja had come for pooja ceremony but Supriya didn’t come out for pooja ceremony and thus may reveal truth to Dadaji.Naren thus puts challenge infront of Pooja to convince Surpriya and bring her out for pooja ceremony.

They both give for the interview. Reporter asks Pooja have you spent the night with your husband in Vyas Mansion before the elections. He says I am sure you have a serious motive behind it.

Naren gets angry and asks how dare you? He holds his collar and beats him. Pooja sees cameraman recording the fight and asks them to keep the camera shut. Shailaja says we will not get a better chance to make our enemy feel humiliated. Pooja looks on tensed. She tells Shailaja that they will not do anything wrong to win in the election. She asks Naren to stop beating Reporter. She gives a good reply to the reporter and tells that her personal and professional life is different and she doesn’t want to mix both. She tells that she went home for the Vatsavritri puja. She handles the matter well. Naren’s hand gets hurt. Naren misses Pooja. She cries on seeing his wound and does the aid to his wound. Naren shows attitude and gets away from him. They get arguing again.

Pooja has returned to Vyas mansion just for two days as per Dadaji’s wish and Naren is not ready to let Pooja stay in peace.Naren creates trouble for Pooja and also gears up race for CM position, Naren tries to ruin Pooja’s speech so that she couldn’t give speech.Naren and Pooja’s clash,While Naren even spoils his own speech, Naren is standing against Pooja as he believes that Pooja and her family had hidden Angraaj’s body.Pooja tries to clear her side but Naren is not ready to listen to anything, Naren warns Pooja to stay away from his family nor he may turn villain.

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