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Porus 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ripu Daman Saves Anusuya’s Baby


Porus 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Porus 11th December 2017 Episode Start With Anusuya falls motionless in a shock seeing her son falling from cliff into water. Ripu Daman saves baby. Shivdutt ties huge stone to Anusuya’s feet and says this stone is like the one he felt when Bamni married her and made her queen. He lifts stone and throws it from cliff. Anusuya falls down with stone and gets into deep water. Shivdutt says his enemy is dead now and they have to make Ripu Daman as hero to prove Anusuya an evil. Soldier informs Shivdutt that Bamni is awake now.

Bamni wakes up and reminisces Anusuya insulting him and tonsuring his head. Shivdutt walks in and thanks god for saving his brother. Bamni asks what had happened in Takshashila. Shivdutt nervously turns his face. Bamni says he is asking as a king and not brother. Shivdutt says Anusuya gave birth to a baby boy and jumped into river to finish Pourav’s heir. Bamni shatters and asks to call Ripu Daman. Shivdutt says Anusuya killed him. Samar Singh comes and signals to come aside and then tells Ripu Daman’s body is not found, means he is alive and escape. Shivdutt asks him to search and kill Ripu Daman.

Ripu Daman hiding from soldiers reaches home with baby. His wife asks how was his Takshashila trip and who is this baby. Ripu Daman tells her whole incident happened and asks her to pack their clothes and take their baby along. He asks why did he bring this baby. He says it is his duty to protect future king and says they will leave Pourv rastra via water route silently before soldiers start searching them..

Samar with soldiers searches Ripu Daman. Ripu Daman sends his wife into ship silently and himself hides with other people and reaches ship. Samar reaches Ripu’s house and seeing blood stained clothes shouts coward Ripu Daman cannot find. He warns ship driver to inform if Ripu Daman comes there. Driver says this is last ship of the day and Ripu Daman did not come. Samar sees blood stains on floor and realizes Ripu Daman left in ship. Ripu Daman sees soldier ships following his ship and gets tensed.


Porus 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Samar Singh sees 2 babies in Ripu Daman’s wife’s hand and tries to kill one baby. Dacoits attck ship. Samar Singh throws baby into water. After 20 years, Porus is seen as dacoit who saves jailed people, delivering heavy dialogues.


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