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Porus 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Puru’s Dashing Entry


Porus 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Porus 12th December 2017 Episode start with Samar Singh with soldiers heads towards Ripu Daman’s ship. Ripu Daman asks his wife to give her to children and make them sleep and hide till soldiers go away . He also hides. Samar Singh attacks ship and orders soldiers to find Ripu Daman. He finds Ripu Daman’s wife with 2 babies and asks who is this another baby, she has only one. He snatches baby and asks Ripu Daman to come out, else he will kill this baby. He is about to kill baby when Ripu Daman comes out of his hiding and attacks Samar, but Samar overpowers him and pins him down. He throws baby in air, but Samar catches baby and saves it. Samar then angrily tries to kill Ripu Daman when pirates attack ship and fight with soldiers.

Lady pirate fights with Samar and he overpowers her. She fights bravely. Ripu Daman fights with soldiers and kills them. When Samar is about to kill lady pirate, Ripu Daman saves her and she kills Samar. Lady pirate with her team captures ship. Injured Ripu Daman asks her to take him along as he is severely injured and wants his children’s safety. She says he is Pourav soldier and fought against them, means he is a traitor. He says he is not and tells her whole story and how Shivdutt killed Anusuya and tried to kill her baby, but Ripu Daman saved baby. Lady pirate walks towards him slitting half dead soldier’s throat. Ripu Daman wife’s shouts no… in fear. Pirate asks his name. He says Sangram Singh. She applies herb on Ripu’s wound and he shouts in pain.

Bamni is changed now with bald head thinking Anusuya betrayed her. He punishes people. Darius walks in. Bamni says Shivdutt had given him a proposal and he wants to give him same, he wants to become so powerful that he wants to see Takshahila minute in front of Paouravs, asks if he will help. Darius says yes, he needs only one thing, partnership. He gives liquor and asks to drink it as it is a token of their partnership. He then throws liquor in fire and says partnership will be 100%, they will share profits and losses and even enemies together.

Ripu Daman brings his son and Purshottam as Puru together and asks his wife not to differentiate between them, he has to protect Pourav Rastra’s future even risking his life. Wife says she may not be able to love Puru similar to her son.

After 20 years leap, Puru has become a brave pirate. Darius’ people from Faras/Persia trouble people on ship and capturing Puru’s friends laugh on them that they have come to loot their mother land.


Porus 13th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Puru fights wit Darius’ Persian soldiers and warn when it comes to his mother or motherland’s dignity, he does not spare his enemies. He frees captured hostages.


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