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Porus 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update

Puru Brainwashes Barsin Against Darius


Porus 15th March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Porus 15th March 2018 Episode Start With In Macedonia, Thatus enters bar where Philip’s bodyguard is enjoying liquor and partying with women and challenges that this man is very inebriated and cannot handle these beauty, they can come to him. Bodyguard pulls his sword and says if he has protected king, he would know that bodyguards don’t get inebriated and warns to tell who sent him before gets killed. Thatus tries to run. Alexander punches Thatus and orders to tell who sent him. Thatus says Atelus. Bodyguard says that means even king is not safe.

In Pourav rastra, Dasyus Laachi, Mahanandini, and Hasti ask people they want to buy huge groceries, where they can buy them. Hasti asks Faroos thinking him as Farsi soldier. Faroos turns and holds sword on him. Laachi does not find her team and searches them. Faroos scolds Hasti that Dasyus escaped because of him, king Darius wants to meet him. Hasti says he is with his team and cannot come. Faroos says king Darius does not wait. Hasti says he will meet when he finds opportunity and walks out. He is shocked to see Lachi standing. Laachi asks Hasti what is he doing here. Haasti nervously says he is asking Pourav rastra’s grocery shop address. Laaachi checks and finds no one. Faroos hides. Laachi asks with whom, nobody is here. Hasti says did not see a man going. Laachi says he is lying, what is happening. Hasti nervously says she thinks too much and walks away.

Anusuya tells Puru not to hate Bamni as Bamni is a king and does not know to show his love and expressions. Puru says he will never accept Bamni as his father. Anusuya tells Puru that she knows nobody can take Ripudaman’s place in his life, but to kick out Farsis from Bharath, he has to accept Bamnni, else like Farsis used Shivdutt, they will use someone else.

Hasti remembers Faroos’ order to meet Darius. Laachi sees bullock carts with goods moving and says she will follow one, he can follow another. Hasti says okay and escapes. Laachi does not find him and searches.

Puru tells Anusuya that she is right, Darius will not keep quiet and will find someone with whom he can benefit, so they have to find out his weakness and destroy it. Anusuya asks what is his plan. Puru shows gold and says wealth, Darius came here for our wealth, so he wants to own it either by business or by ruling our country, so he will use his greed and destroy his wealth. Anusuya says Darius hides his wealth secretly and only his close aides know it, they have to find out who can help them. Puru says he knows someone who can help us.

Philip’s bodyguard Posenius takes Thatus to Philip and says Thatus told Atelus sent him to kill me. Thatus says Posenius is lying. Alexander says Thatus is lying. Atelus says he did not send Thatus. Thatus says Atelus did not, truth is he wanted to take dancer from bar when Posenius objected and hit him and alleged him. Atelus says a simple soldier is alleging him, Philip should not trust them. Posenius angrily tries to hit Atelus, but Philip beats him. Posenius says he protected Philip risking his life. Philip continues insulting him and spitting him kicks him out. He then scolds Alexander to be in his limits and go and take care of his sister’s wedding. Alexander walks with Thatus praising his loyalty and says once he becomes king, he will reward him, it is time to take Posenius on their side.

Barsin walks out of palace reminiscing Darius insulting him that he is ashamed to have a daughter like her and blames her for his insult. She sees shadow coming towards her and pulls sword. Alexander comes in front and asks if she always holds soldier and guards, why she is taking soldier’s job. He continues that he thinks his father vented his defeat’s anger on her. Barsin says he knows about her father well and runs away. Puru thinks he knows her father more than her and will expose his true face soon.

Hasti walks into palace hiding. Laachi follows him and thinks why he came here.

Puru then follows Barsin and challenge s her for a sword fight and brainwashes her that her father values business and wealth than her and can sacrifice 100 daughters like her, he can prove it. He injures her shoulder and asks to trusts a Bharthis hospitality once.


Porus 16th March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Hasti tells Darius that Dasyus came to loot Pourable grocery and wealth and kill Bamni. Darius thinks this time both Bamni and Porus will die.Olympia brainwashes Posenius to kill Philip.

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Porus Details

Porus is a historical-drama television series based on the life of Porus, King of the Pauravas, and Alexander The Great, and events that lead to their common destiny, Battle of the Hydaspes. It premiered on 27 November 2017 on Sony TV.The show was created by Siddharth Kumar Tewary of Swastik Productions. It is said to be the most expensive show on Indian television, having a budget of about INR 500 crores (roughly USD 80 million). In Sri Lanka, it airs on Sirasa TV, dubbed into Sinhala and titled as Digvijaya


Hrishikesh Pandey
Gurpreet Singh
Ashlesha Sawant
Aruna Irani
Aparna Dixit
Aditya Redij
Suzanne Bernert
Shraddha Musale
Rohit Purohit
Riya Deepsi
Rati Pandey
Praneet Bhatt
Nalini Negi
Mohit Abrol
Laksh Lalwani

Seasons : 1 | Channel : Sony TV | Picture Format : 576i , 1080i | Run Time : 24 Min


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